Review: Safest And Most Effective Lash Lift In HK

If you prioritise safety, hygiene, longevity and experience, Sense of Touch‘s lashlift is the natural way to go

I won’t lie, when I was younger, the cheaper and more curled eyelash perm Hong Kong, the better. After years of experimenting with different eyelash treatments however, I realised in the long run that safety should be the top priority. Why? Because experience has taught me that cheap can go wrong and cost you more money than going for a good quality lash uplift from the get go.

I had a really bad experience with a place called Nail Spa on Caine Road that offered cheap eyelash perm HK trial price at around HK$250. Huge mistake. My eyelashes came out uneven and facing different directions. I decided to bite the bullet and go to trusted high-end spa brand Sense of Touch to fix it.

The reception area at Sense of Touch Lan Kwai Fong

I had gone to Sense of Touch previously at their branch in Repulse Bay and Central and really loved the relaxing, luxurious atmosphere. I’ve always had a good experience at their locations without fail, and it was no different this time around. They have several floor levels in their Lan Kwai Fong branch where I was led to a private room where could lay down in comfort. Unlike at other spas where there’s barely any space, there’s ample room with even a shower and toilet in some of their rooms, as well as a sink to wash your hands and a cabinet to hang your clothes.

My main problem: sparse and downward angled lashes. This is them in their natural state.

My therapist told me she and many of the employees at Sense of Touch have been there for several years, averaging five to eight years. They are sent to train and update their skills on a regular basis, which made feel confident in her capability. She had a calm and put-together demeanour and explained every step of the process to me so that I could understand what exactly was happening.

The whole treatment took little under an hour. There’s definitely a difference doing your lash lift at an actual day spa as opposed to at one of those office type spaces where everything is cramped and the ambience is abrasive and unprofessional.

Sense of Touch therapist at the treatment room

How is the Sense of Touch eyelash lift safer than others?

Upon asking my therapist, she told me that Sense of Touch’s DIVA LASHES use hypoallergenic formulas, and therefore does not damage your lashes. They make sure that the products they use do not contain perming solution or formaldehyde, which dries out your lashes and can make them fall off prematurely!

While I used to do lash extensions, I prefer the eyelash lift HK these days because extensions make my eyelids look droopy or sleepy. Also, as my lashes are naturally downward-facing, the extensions droop too low before going back up, which gets really annoying. I also found it annoying that with extensions it was difficult to rub my eyes, wear makeup, wash my face, go swimming or to the sauna. It’s especially inhibiting in the summer as I do watersports. Also, I sleep on my side or front sometimes, which squishes the extensions out of shape and destroys them.

Naturally curled lashes after doing this eyelash lift near me


At the beginning I wasn’t thrilled that the lashes weren’t so curled as I typically like them exaggerated. However, the effect lasted longer than usual – around six to eight weeks, or the natural cycle of lashes – as opposed to four weeks with other places.

According to my therapist, Sense of Touch’s DIVA LASHES have anti-ageing qualities as their products cover your lashes with rich keratin and vitamins. As opposed to perming treatments, they use pigment that alters and boosts the colour of the eyelash. While this didn’t have a huge effect on my as my lashes are black and thin, it can have a more pronounced effect on other people.

I would definitely recommend Sense of Touch for a good keratin lash lift near me – while pricey, it lasts longer and you’re ensured a good experience.

Let me know if you’ve tried it, and what you think? Or if you can recommend any other good lash places in Hong Kong? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

Sense of Touch 1-5F, 52 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, HK TEL: 2526 6918 WhatsApp +852 6011 3698

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