Hong Kong Riverside Cycling: Tin Shui Path in Yuen Long

Everyone’s go-to bike route in Yuen Long is Nam Sang Wai with good reason, but here’s another pleasant one to hit if you’re looking to explore further while in the area.

After spending my birthday weekend glamping in Yuen Long this year, the district has made a completely different and altogether positive impression in my mind. There’s so much to do! From walking the historic Ping Shan Heritage Trail to the Hong Kong Wetland Park and Mai Po Nature Reserve, not to mention food tripping with a side of foot massage (yes!)… I probably need to make a separate guide on Yuen Long altogether.

This post, however, is all about biking in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long district on a pleasant day trip by the river. I was surprised by how lovely the cycling went considering everything was done spontaneously. This route is not listed on any blogs or magazines as far as my Google search went, so we were delighted to discover something that few outside of the area seem know about.

Distance: 10km

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy (flat)

Getting there

We took the train to MTR Tin Shui Wai station and walked around for a bit. If you haven’t done the Ping Shan Heritage Trail yet, this is your chance. It’s short but lovely. Since I had already done it before, we decided to grab a bite at Oscar Kitchen (雄記 屏山坑尾村42 號 地下 G/F., No.42 Hang Mei Tsuen, Yuen Long, Ping Shan +85290362963).

The small street-level restaurant featured a western menu surprisingly well-executed by a single man team (Oscar?)! He literally churned out fresh pasta at the table beside us. The place was clean and no-nonsense with simply yummy food.

We then decided to walk off our lunch to the bike shop, along a small stream or canal on Kiu Hung Road. We were actually in the area that day not to bike but to check out the glamping site; but instead of taking a taxi or minibus we decided las minute why not bike there?! We did not regret it although it was on a hot September day, doing a total of 20km+.

It could have been way worse but the guy at the bike shop advised us to take the longer but easier route along the river, et voila! we discovered this route that I’m now sharing with you. Thank God we asked though, because the bike shop lady said the shorter way was up and down.

Where to rent a bike

We rented our wheels from HK Bicycle Tours right by the start of the ride, by the bridge straddling the river. They were on the expensive side at around HK$100 for the day or half day that we borrowed it (we did around 22km for 3 hours). Return by 7:30pm.

Alternatively, if you want a longer ride or take it from Yuen Long proper, there are several bike shops towards that side as well:

  • 天豐單車 Lee Kwan Building, 35-47 Yuen Long On Lok Rd, Yuen Long +85224423808

Along Tin Shui Path

If you’re coming from Yuen Long you can make a pit stop at a cool coffee shop and Yuen Long Park’s Aviary Pagoda with its scenic observation tower. Along the river you can follow a nicely paved green/red bike path for most of the way. There’s a lot of greenery, housing estates, schools, hospitals, and pretty bridges along the river. At some parts you might have to share the path with joggers and elderly taking their walk; all in all the vibe was pleasant.

You can also potentially make a side trip and chill at Tin Shui Road Park, which connects into the larger Tin Shui Wai Park – a landscaped green space with a lake, fountain & sculptures, skate park, etc. But although this path ends at Hong Kong Wetland Park, I don’t think you can actually get in unless you buy a ticket and pay at the counter; you’d need a bike lock though which we didn’t get. You can try contacting the bike shop to ask about it if you’d like to do this itinerary.

Have you cycled by this river before? Do you have any other little known biking paths to share? Any suggestions or things to explore around the area? If you did this path and liked it, leave me a comment below!

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