Best Bike Itinerary From Tung Chung To Disneyland

This cycling activity from Tung Chung to Disneyland’s Inspiration Lake is a great day out of the city, but getting it done can be complicated if you don’t know how to navigate the area!

Distance: 14km (one way); 28km (round trip)

Duration: 3 hours (one way); 5-6 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Easy but long

The expansive Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre by Disneyland Resort was not crowded at all, and had loads of space for picnicking and basking under the sun

I’ll tell you the truth, I tried this bike route years ago but failed to end up in Inspiration Lake, Disneyland. It’s not easy to get from the bike shop out of Tung Chung and into the highway due to several construction sites, road blocks, and bridge crossings. I finally decided to give it another shot with friends on a hot summer day this year and made it to the ‘Central Park’ of Hong Kong from Tung Chung!

There are a couple of handy things to know that we did right this time around, although not without a few U-turns and rerouting. I’ll go over them all in this post.

What you do need to know upfront though, is that: this is a great plan and totally worth doing! Although you’re biking a lot on the road for the main stretch, there’s not much traffic and you’re not exactly on the main highway. There were a lot of cyclists doing this track too, and we took their lead.

Where to rent a bicycle

All the other blogs and articles out there recommend renting your bike from Sunny, but as I learned the first time, this place is quite out of the way. I decided to try Kam Way Hong, a closer walk from MTR Tung Chung Station, and found it much more convenient.

Kam Way Hong Bike Rental Shop Fu Tung Estate Car Park, 6 Fu Tung St, Lantau Island

Kam Way Hong Bike Rental Shop was actually a converted garbage truck turned bike shop parked in this lot right by the bike path
The bike selection at Kam Way Hong parked around the lot. It was around HK$80-$100 for the whole day plus, deposit and/or ID guarantee (any ID except HKID accepted)

Getting out of Tung Chung

Option #1: Through the waterfront

This part is a bit counterintuitive. You have to cycle opposite the direction of Inspiration Lake and make it to Tung Chung Waterfront Promenade. From there it’s a super pleasant ride by the water and along a tree-lined bike path. Follow Tung Chung Waterfront Road to Ying Hei Road until you reach Ying Tung / Man Tung Road. This is the tricky part because of the construction site. You have to keep going past the Sinopec petrol station although it looks like it’s a blocked-off dead end, and after a turning a blind corner you’ll find a road continuing in the direction of North Lantau Highway / Airport Express towards Sunny Bay!

The actual route we did

Option #2: Road biking

This is the faster, though less scenic route going through Cheung Tung Road all the way to Sunny Bay. I didn’t try this, although I did part of it walking to the start of the Olympic Trail to Mui Wo.

Inspiration Lake, Disneyland

After the relatively long ride, we were super excited to make the right turn at Sunny Bay Road entering into Disney territory. There was a bridge a bit of an uphill ride at this point, and then that good old red brick road so wide you feel as though you’re in Americaaaaaa

Of course we sang our way into the Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre, where you can park and pop into the shop (7-11) for snacks and refreshments. Or ‘sundries’ as their sign said. [Sundries def. various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.]

There were a few cyclists hanging out with lots of space to go around in this area. The bathroom was super nice as well, with staff cleaning on the regular in their Theme Park uniform.

If it hadn’t been so hot and us so sweaty, I would have loved to lay a mat on the grass and picnic. I made a mental note to come back by MTR to Sunny Bay Station and just enjoy being in the park here… read a book, the works. Or cycle back on a cooler day and do just that. We cycled around the lake and did an 8-loop under the bridge (another oh, so Enchanted looking spot] to even more greenery on the other side. All that green landscaping and prettiness with so little people made the experience super relaxing and enjoyable.

Getting out

You can either cycle all the way back to Tung Chung (obviously), or bike to the MTR Sunny Bay station and take the train back. Usually you have to remove a wheel and take the last car, but we didn’t know how to do it. The staff at Tung Chung MTR Station met us and led us along with a couple of other cyclists to the delivery lift which we took to get out.

Have you done this cycling trip? Which route did you take? Did you enjoy it? Do you have any other tips for people doing this activity? Leave your comments below!

2 thoughts on “Best Bike Itinerary From Tung Chung To Disneyland

  1. Jlam says:

    Thanks for the tips! Did this route yesterday and it took 3 hours return journey, including cycling around inspiration lake. No roadworks anymore, so the route is simple to follow. The weather was terrible and as most of the route is cycling on a 2 way road, the visibility was poor and it was pretty scary with the cars zooming past! (Check the weather, not like us idiots!) wouldn’t recommend for children, even if decent weather.


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