REVIEW: Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Dinner on a Boat

Eight years in Hong Kong, and I finally tried that obscure “dinner on a boat” in the Typhoon Shelter just off Causeway Bay.

Am I glad I did it? Yes!

Was it worth the money? Yes!

Would I do it again? Probably not!

Would I recommend it? Yes! (Especially if you like seafood with a side of adventure)

Read on to get the full deets of my experience and how to improve on it if and when you decide to go for it…


Our view as a Sampan (water taxi) took us back to the unmarked pier on Causeway Bay

It was a Friday evening, and a group of us (around eight or so) wanted to have dinner somewhere before heading to karaoke. Bored of all the usual options, and not keen to blow 500+ on dinner + drinks, I wracked my head for something different we could do that didn’t involve too much hassle.

I recalled a friend telling me maybe 7 years ago about how she did this dinner on a small boat in the Causeway Bay Typhoon shelter, and I quickly googled it to see if it was still around. Lo and behold, I found it – Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood! I quickly called the number to make a reservation and the lady responded that yes, she could get us a table.

She communicated the rest of the details with me over WhatsApp (see below), and it was all quickly resolved. No downpayment needed, cap of around 400 per person for eight (8) dishes, and no corkage or cake charge whatsoever.

Getting there


The best way is to go through Victoria Park and up the bridge; the underground passage is difficult to find, and we ended up taking the furthest bridge on the west + a very convoluted route through construction sites (not in this photo)


Go over this bridge on the edge of Victoria Park


Wait for the Sampan here; it will take you to your table

Unique setting

It was quite the adventure and fun to get to the restaurant, which was a handful of boats lined up side by side. Each party had their own boat, which had one table each. We had a view of the Causeway Bay skyline to one side, all lit up at night. To the other side, some half naked Chinese sailors…?

Each boat had a ‘bathroom‘, which probably flushed out to sea. One of our party used it, and literally had to lower a bucket into the water to use as flush for the toilet. It sounds disgusting, but we all had a laugh at this.

A water taxi picked us up at the unmarked pier and puttered backwards to take us to Shun Kee. The boat driver lady didn’t seem to want or need payment for her services. Our restaurant host welcomed us to our table, which was a monobloc set illuminated by white fluorescent lights.


We went for Set Dinner D

Dining experience

Bad news: The meal didn’t start out well with boiled bak choy (edible) and whelk kicking off the experience. The chicken was unrecognizable and the noodles (towards the end) blah. The prawns were just okay. The group was able to finish most of this food, though, with some appreciating what I couldn’t bring myself to eat. I’m a bit of a picky eater, though, especially when it comes to strange looking shellfish.

Good news: The steamed fish was fantastic and great value, and – together with the garlic crab and razor clams – saved the day! The rice was also good, as well as the black bean and chili clams. In the comparable Tung Po at North Point Wet Market, this meal would have easily cost HK$700 per person and we each just paid HK$400! Not bad!

Plus, Rose made some excellent espresso martinis, which we enjoyed.

Important tips:

  • Don’t forget to bring your own drinks including water and ice!
  • Change the noodles, whelk, prawns and chicken to other dishes from the a la carte menu (below) to enjoy a better dining experience than we did!

Typhoon Shelter Fried Garlic Crab – amazing!


Razor clams, steamed fish and black bean chili clams


Whelk nearly finished


Our group from Scotland, England, Philippines, Argentina, USA and Italy

Below is the message I got from the restaurant owner regarding details of the reservation:

We only accept cash

Please choose a set dinner. You may add or change any dishes.

Boat Address: please go directly to Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter ( Under the bridge’s pier )

MTR Subway: Causeway Bay MTR station (Excelsior hotel exit D ), to the Excelsior Hotel / World Trade Center parking  B1, to find the underground passage to the waterfront exit (then walking  to Tin Hau direction wait at the pier under the bridge)

Taxis: Get off at Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, Victoria Park Road bus stop, (ie, opposite to Excelsior Hotel), in front of Jardine noon gun then turn left to falling car area (then walk to Tin Hau direction wait at the pier under the bridge)

The set dinner does not include drinks, you can bring any kind of drinks as there is no corkage charge ! 🍺🍻🍸🍷

Any questions feel free to call me ☎ 8112 0075


A la carte menu

Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood, WhatsApp +852 9481 7151

What do you think? Will you try it for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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