Shady Summer Hike: Kap Lung Forest Track (Easy/Beginner)

Hong Kong may be experiencing a heatwave downtown, but you’ll be surprised at how cool it can get in the forest landscapes of Kowloon north(west). Last weekend we headed to Kap Lung (west of Tai Mo Shan) for a dose of much needed green scene…

IMG_6358 Kap Lung Forest Track

At Kap Lung last year, when we first discovered the area

Distance: 4km

Duration: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: Super Easy (downhill)

The Kap Lung Forest Trail is best done together with the 2.5km Kap Lung Ancient Trail. However, if you’re going to make a loop of it, remember that both trails are completely downhill from their south end, so if you’re doing one of them north-to-south, it will be completely uphill that direction.

IMG_6335 Kap Lung Forest Track

The Kap Lung Forest Track and Ancient Trail both begin here, at the Country Park stop along Route Twisk

IMG_6337 Kap Lung Forest Track

You’ll have enough shade to shield you from excruciatingly hot and sunny days

If you do decide to do both Kap Lung Forest + Ancient Trails together, prepare yourself then for a 6.5km “hike” that should take around 2.5 hours more or less.

Do not expect to get stunning views on these trails; rather, a pleasant walk in the woods crossing bridges, streams and waterfalls.

Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent as well, a lesson we learned the hard way yesterday.

IMG_6340 Kap Lung Forest Track

Kap Lung Ancient Trail

Getting there

At MTR Tsuen Wan Exit A, turn left and take the first stairway UP to Tai Ho Road North. Take bus no. 51 on the highway ramp above the MTR station.

Get off at Country Park stop and you’re good to go!

IMG_6344 Kap Lung Forest TrackIMG_6345 Kap Lung Forest Track

There are so many trails in this area crisscrossing each other, even separate paths for mountain bikers. The most confusing part is at the beginning, where you can easily miss a particular sign for the forest trail. At one of the first crossroads, the way forward is the rightmost path closest to the road. It’s easy to miss because there are so many paths right in front of you, and the sign is quite hidden and out of the way. Thank god my sister spotted it just when I was going to choose a random different path!

IMG_1199 Kap Lung Forest Track

Pines at the Kap Lung Forest Track

For some reason, I can’t find any official info on the Kap Lung Forest Track online. I just discovered it by way of hiking the ancient trail, which was in the directory of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). The path was well sign posted, though, even more so than the ancient trail. So I wonder where those records ended up…?

IMG_6347 Kap Lung Forest Track

IMG_6355 Kap Lung Forest Track

No paved road or concrete paths here, just stones and leaves…

The day we went, it started raining as we approached the country park. We waited it out at the bus stop, and thankfully the rain subsided after a while. While waiting at the bus stop, we saw around three guys with mountain bikes atop their car. Later they passed us again halfway through the forest track, speeding downhill on two wheels. They were not meant to be there, btw, as bikers have their own trails reserved for them. Not that we minded, they were the only souls we saw along the way. We just wondered how they managed as there were so many large boulders, deterrents, and steps along the way which seemed dangerous for mountain biking!

IMG_1197 Kap Lung Forest Track

Fences and signs warding off cyclists

IMG_6364 Kap Lung Forest Track

Final word of warning: try to double, triple check if you’re reading the signs properly as they can get very tricky here! In the middle part, there was a very unclear bunch of signs leading to 4 or 5 different paths. I suggest using the process of elimination to end up at the right path!

IMG_1200 Kap Lung Forest Track

Down, down, down, down

Getting out

If you do the loop, cross the road and come back by the same bus no. 51 to MTR Tsuen Wan Station. If you end at the north point, you can take the Minibus to MTR Kam Sheung Station on the West Rail (Yuen Long) line, or cross the road and take the same bus no. 51 back to Tsuen Wan (red line).

Happy hiking! 🙂


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