Summer Island Hike: Sharp Island, HK’s Clearest Water?

Hiking in a bikini, anyone? With summer in full steam, it’s time to check out Hong Kong’s many beautiful islands. But if you’re not a sunbather like me, you’ll be wanting to go an adventure without passing out from heat stroke. Cue Sharp Island, arguably home to the 852’s clearest waters…

Distance: 2.5km

Duration: 1 hour (but more, if you want to explore!)

Difficulty: Easy

Sharp Island Hong Kong

We did this the other way around

I had been to Hap Mun Bay Beach before (apparently the same as Half Moon Bay) – and swore I would never go back. There were just sooooo many people and it was so unrelaxing way back when (2014). But upon finding this short trail on the internet, I decided to give it another chance as clearly, I had visited the wrong side of the island.

It was a good call. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go to Hap Mun Bay Beach on a weekend or public holiday, because it’s overloaded. However, the waters around Sharp Island were indeed some of the clearest I’ve ever seen in Hong Kong, if not the clearest! Especially crossing the tombolo / sandbar Kiu Tsui Beach to Kiu Tau, the “tied island” on the northwest.

Does that tombolo remind you of something? Because it did me! Anyone remember my post on Ap Lei Pai, another ‘tied island’ connected to Ap Lei Chau via a similar beach on Hong Kong Island’s southside? But that’s another hike for another day, if you haven’t done it yet.

We crossed the tombolo at high tide, which means the crossing was submerged under water. Some kayakers who had rented kayaks from Sai Kung Pier were doing the crossing at this time, since they can’t go over it when it becomes a land bridge at low tide.

That crossing from Kiu Tsui Beach over the Sharp Island Sand Levee to Kiu Tau was the best part of the whole day. There’s a tiny trail on the small island connected to Sharp Island as well, and a lighthouse on a rock. Not sure if you can swim around the island because of the rocks, but you’re welcome to try?

sharpisland_s Sharp Island Geo Trail

Sharp Island Geo Trail – yup, this small walk even has a name of its own

I would recommend anyone doing Sharp Island just for this short Geo Trail alone. It’s unique in Hong Kong, the water almost crystal, and the landscape so beautiful it hurts. I just wish I had those sandals with straps on or booties as walking barefoot on those ‘pineapple bun rocks’ was something of an edgy experience.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of my own in this part as I didn’t have a dry bag / waterproof camera. (hint hint)

IMG_9915 Sharp Island Hong Kong

Our warm welcome to the island…

IMG_9916 Sharp Island Hong Kong

Reminded of the Kraken rocks as seen from Jaffa in Tel Aviv, where Andromeda was almost sacrificed but thank God Perseus saved her by cutting off Medusa’s head and showing her face to the Kraken monster which turned into stone and, well, that’s what it looked like in the end…

IMG_9917 Sharp Island Hong Kong

The excitement I felt upon seeing this map… indescribable

Kiu Tsui Beach vs Hap Mun Bay Beach

Kiu Tsui Beach has less people, but sand isn’t great. Water is fantastic, though! Plus, that really awesome tombolo and Kiu Tau Island.

Hap Mun Bay Beach has the 2 floating platforms that you can swim to and jump off from. But hordes of people and that shark net fenced off area thing. You won’t feel as free and unfettered as in Kiu Tsui.

BUT WAIT! Why not do both?! Oh yeah, that’s why we’re hiking from one to the other.

IMG_9918 Sharp Island Hong KongIMG_9919 Sharp Island Hong Kong

Getting there

  • MTR Hang Hau
  • Minibus 101M
  • Sai Kung Pier – Reserve your boat before stocking up on supplies
  • Hop on a boat / water taxi at the scheduled time they gave. Option to get off either on the north or south part of the island
  • Alternatively, rent a kayak from the pier and paddle around 2km (?) to Kiu Tsui Beach
IMG_9920 Sharp Island Hong Kong

The tied or trailing island of Kiu Tau from the hike

IMG_9921 Sharp Island Hong Kong

Is that Ma On Shan (Horse Saddle Mountain) from a distance?! (Yes!) – to this date I have yet to do the 13km of Maclehose Trail Stage 4 -_- (maybe this winter?)

IMG_9922 Sharp Island Hong Kong

v helpful markers

IMG_9934 Sharp Island Hong Kong

Could be somewhere on the Med sans humidity and equatorial sun…

Getting out

Wait for the boat (you’ll see the queue on the pier) on whichever side, and hop on the next one that passes. They come quite frequently, especially on busy days. We didn’t have to wait very long.



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