Summer hike: Streams, rivers, waterfalls of Pat Sin Leng

On the northern edge of Pat Sin Leng Country park, we took two country trails that intersected rivers, streams, farmland and mountainside…

IMG_9824 Nam Chung Country Trail

Keeping to the foothills of Wilson Trail Stage 10

Distance: 2.5 km + 5.5 km = 8km total (plus short connecting walk)

Difficulty: 3/4

Duration: 3.5 hours

If you’re still up for hiking in this hot, hot heat as we were (mainly to get out of the city and burn some calories), read on.

IMG_9798 Hok Tau Country Trail

I combined two (2) country trails within Pat Sin Leng Country Park to make the most of being in the area. The two were:

  1. Hok Tau Country Trail (2.5 km)
  2. Nam Chung Country Trail (5.5 km)

We first did Hok Tau Country Trail, an underwhelming loop through a small green area near Hok Tau Village. I suggest to begin and end your loop at the Hkywca the Farm of Healthy Ageing so you can easily move on to Nam Chung Country Trail.

IMG_9804 Hok Tau Country Trail

Get there:

From MTR Fan Ling Station, take any of the following buses / minibuses: 78K or 56B

78K Bus to Sha Tau Kok: Get off at Ma Mei Ha

56B Green Minibus to Tan Chuk Hang: Get off at Tan Chuk Hang

IMG_9802 Hok Tau Country Trail

One of the many farms in the area; you might want to pay some a visit!

IMG_9803 Hok Tau Country Trail

At the public toilet / park area in front of the official trail entrance

IMG_9806 Hok Tau Country Trail

Hok Tau Country Trail Viewing Point… yep, that’s the best it’s gonna get for this first one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that should be the Ridge of the Eight Immortals (Pat Sin Leng)

IMG_9807 Hok Tau Country Trail

At least there was tree cover to avoid the noontime rays

IMG_9809 Hok Tau Country Trail

Bring mosquito repellent!!

IMG_9812 Hok Tau Country Trail

Valley farms

You should breeze through the 2.5km of Hok Tau Country Trail. We were actually a bit disappointed with it, it’s definitely skippable, but if you want to clock in two hikes in a day, then why not! It’s not like you’re ever going back to this area again, right? That’s what I was thinking, anyway.

Cross the Tan Shan River to Pat Sin Leng Country Park proper, let’s begin.

Nam Chung Country Trail proved to be a much better trail and way more challenging. We did it the other way around, from the west end, and struggled up an ascent of some 3-4km. Yup, I can almost swear it was uphill more than half the way. It might be a bit easier to do it in the original direction…

IMG_9813 Nam Chung Country TrailIMG_9814 Nam Chung Country TrailIMG_9816 Nam Chung Country Trail

IMG_9832 Nam Chung Country Trail

We picnicked by the river. However, the best picnic place is towards the eastern end, near the bridge crossing Nam Chung River. Keep reading the captions, and I’ll show you…

IMG_9817 Nam Chung Country Trail

Shenzhen’s skyscrapers in the distance again, just like last time

IMG_9818 Nam Chung Country Trail

Flat part of the trail, could finally catch my breath and take photos

IMG_9830 Nam Chung Country Trail

The descent begins!

IMG_9842 Nam Chung Country Trail

THIS is the best picnic spot of the trail. Again, don’t forget to take mosquito repellent. It’s located right before the bridge crossing the stream / river towards South Bay Road, on the eastern end of Nam Chung Country Trail.

IMG_9846 Nam Chung Country Trail

Absolutely deserted and beautiful rocks to picnic on! It’s around 700m between the first and second river crossings, a really nice and much cooler part of the trail.

IMG_9850 Nam Chung Country Trail

We made the mistake of picnicking at the first river crossing and had no time to linger here!

IMG_9858 Nam Chung Country Trail

Final river crossing on the northeast

Get out

Board the minibus from Nam Chung Lee Uk Village. There are a few food stalls right at the bus station, so you can grab something while waiting 🙂

Enjoy! x


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