Easy Hike: Sheung Yui Country Trail + Folk Museum (Sai Kung)

First week of February, Hong Kong 2018: Cold AF!!! Guys what is the matter with this weather?! We almost backed out of the hike because temperatures were going below 10 degrees Celsius. Giuli and Franchi actually wore TWO pairs of jeans that day as they were traumatised from a whole week of almost freezing to death…

Distance: 3.5-6km

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Difficulty: EASY

Sheung Yiu Map Sai Kung

Don’t be fooled, it may look long on the map but it went by super fast

There are some hikes that say 4km but feel like 8 (Read: Summer Hike: Pat Sin Leng to Bride’s Pool Waterfall), while there are some that the other way around. This hike belongs to the latter category, because it was super easy and we were done before we knew it.

It was a rare 2018 Saturday in which I found myself in Hong Kong, finally, and of course I seized the opportunity to HIKE! (yay!) My companions Giuli, Franchi and Seba were all dragging their feet all morning, but for some reason (guilt?) they all made it to that MTR platform that began the journey to Sai Kung.


Sister and brother in matching outfits… Thanks Merell for Sebas’ hiking boots!

Getting there

  • From MTR Hang Hau Station Exit B, take the Minibus to Sai Kung (101M)
  • From the Sai Kung bus terminus, take Minibus 7 or 9 or bus 94 to Tsak Yue Wu. 
  • From Pak Tam Road, backtrack and get on Maclehose Trail Section 1
  • From Sai Kung Man Yee Road, turn right into the Sheung Yiu Family Walk



We had brunch at CENA latin cafe (so-so) and after-hike drinks and dinner at Jaspas. I haven’t been to the latter in ages and was pleasantly surprised, especially by the bannofee pie! (Dessert freak speaking).

There are loads of other options in that square (Man Yee playground). I’m eyeing Piccolos, The Conservatory or BigFish for next time. Recommendations are warmly welcomed!


Views of the… Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp? Not sure. Would love to spend a weekend there though!


Taking a short detour to check out the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum


Located inside the scenic Sai Kung Country Park and occupying an area of 500 square metres, the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum was originally a Hakka village built in the late 19th century.


The village and its neighbouring lime kiln were gazetted as monuments in 1981. After it was restored, the village was opened as a museum in 1984.


The Sheung Yiu Folk Museum partially closed for repair from early January to mid-April 2018.


I wonder why they built a wall around this village? Wild animals? Here’s art on a door at the small museum


Comprising dwellings, pigsties, a cattle shed, a six-metre-high watchtower, a spacious drying terrace and other exhibits such as farm implements and everyday objects of the Hakka people


The restored village recreates the rural life of Sheung Yiu Village in its heyday.


Surprisingly there were more foreigners than locals on the trail / in the area that day. What were they all doing in that random part of Sai Kung?! There were a few camps in the area, perhaps for those?


View of East Dam on the left and Long Ke Wan to the right (hidden)


End of the hike! Back at Maclehose Trail Section 1 closer to the Astropark, which I tried to find but couldn’t…??!


The glorious view… 

Getting out: Pure luck

It was so cold that day and we had no idea how to get out of there other than walking back to the bus stop around 5km away. Thankfully a taxi passed by within 5 minutes of ending the hike!! We took it back to Sai Kung centre and had drinks to celebrate the great achievement of getting out of bed that day…

By the way, who’s down to join the Spartan Race 6km Sprint this coming April 2018?! I’m probably gonna die but who’s happy to die with me?!




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