Tiger’s Head via Lo Fu Tau Country Trail: Beach Hike on Lantau Island

Just before the cold properly settled into Hong Kong, we did one last ‘beach’ hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo (Silvermine Beach). Entry and exit points clearly defined, serious uphill workout at the beginning, glorious grasslands and vistas up top. 

Distance: 8.4 km (The actual country trail is just 3.4 km but we included getting in and out of the proper trail)

Duration: 3 hours (I guess we were slow that day?)

Difficulty: 2/4 (But if you actually go up the “Tiger’s head”, then I’d say 3/4)

Lo Fu Tau

You’re not going to find this map anywhere because I plotted it out myself haha… Lo Fu Tau Country Trail via Discovery Bay / Mui Wo


View from the top of Lo Fu Tau

You can either start this trail at Mui Wo, which is the ‘traditional’ way of doing it, gradually going up the Mui Wo Islands Nature Heritage Trail and Olympic Trail. We started from Discovery Bay because the ferry schedule suited us better, and climbed up the “Tiger’s head” from the front rather than going along its spine.

“Tiger’s head” is “Lo Fu Tau” in Cantonese, the name of the trail. I never realised there was a legendary beast looming over Discovery Bay until we did this hike, which I randomly selected off a long list of trails I printed years ago.

There’s not a lot of tree coverage on this trail – luckily, it was overcast when we went, so the sun wasn’t beating down on us unbearably.


Getting our sweat on @the_czarina


Going up the tiger from the front

Get there

Turn right from the Discovery Bay ferry pier and get on the main road where the buses are. Cross the street and keep walking until you see this on your left


You don’t actually have to go up the tiger’s head; local hikers told us we could skirt around the right if we didn’t want to scramble on our hands and knees.


Peach-shaped huge stone standing in the middle of the road, which seems like a sculpture by human (Hiking.gov)


“Sword Testing Stone”

Below are the signs that we followed at the start and end of the trail. The Olympic Trail, which I haven’t done yet, runs from Tung Chung to Mui Wo across Lantau Island.


I’ve done part of the Mui Wo Islands Nature Heritage Trail on bicycle until it was too rough to use the city bike on. It passes by a cave, a waterfall, and other points of interest.


The beach was named after an actual ‘silver mine’ that operated from 1862 to 1896.

Make sure to bring enough water because the trail can feel a bit long. We were losing a lot of water at the beginning, which was a challenging assault, and kind of ran out 3/4 of the way through, which was not nice. My feet were also beginning to hurt, especially since the last part goes all the way downhill towards Silvermine Bay.


Signage near the Mui Wo side of the trail, the true beginning.


Grassy plains formed part of the trail around the actual ‘country’ area


Dirt paths vs. paved roads


Thanks to The North Face PH / ROX for the boots

We ate at Deer Horn Nepalese restaurant by the Mui Wo ferry afterwards; unfortunately it wasn’t as good as I remember and I feel a bit guilty having dragged the whole group there. I was too hungry to care too much about what I was eating though; ordered a vegetable curry. After, I rushed home because I needed to get myself dolled up for the Hong Kong Rugby Union Charity Ball


And that’s it! \Let me know on the comments below if you have anything to share about this trail, or anything to say really 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Head via Lo Fu Tau Country Trail: Beach Hike on Lantau Island

  1. Ms Rumination says:

    Hi Yeni,

    Would you still recommend the Lo Fu Tau country trail if I plan to skip ascending/descending the actual Tiger’s head? Will I still get good views? I have a bad knee. I am ok with stairs but want to avoid descending on very steep and uneven slopes for the comfort of my knee.


  2. Ms Rumination says:

    Hi Yeni, will there still be good views if I just walk along Lo Fu Tau Country Trail without ascending the actual Tiger’s head? Trying to avoid ascending/descending steep slopes due to knee issues


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