Kap Lung Ancient Trail: Easy Beginner Level Forest Hike with secret waterfalls

*Update: This trail is best done together with the Kap Lung Forest Track

I was recovering from a minor procedure that day, and the doctor told me I could finally start some ‘light’ exercise without sun exposure or too much sweating. This trail was perfect. 


If you want to take your mountain bikes through here, then by all means!2

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Super Easy 1/4 (I don’t know why the official trail guide says 2/4, the thing was completely downhill)

Distance: 2.5km (the actual trail is only 2km but you have to walk more getting in and out)



Get there

  • There’s a minibus directly from Des Voeux Road West (Sheung Wan / Sai Wan) to Tsuen Wan if you’re coming from HK Island West.
  • At MTR Tsuen Wan Exit A, turn left and take the first stairway UP to Tai Ho Road North.
  • The bus stop is on top of the MTR station because the road flies over at least three storeys up.
  • Get off at Country Park stop and you’re good to go!

Trail head by the roadside and bus stop


Next time I’d like to come back for the Kap Lung Forest Track


WRONG WAY, turn back. Unless you want to do the longer forest trail instead 😉


There was no one the whole time we were on the trail except for this one guy going the opposite way towards the end. We were otherwise alone all throughout


Perfect weather, cloudless skies


We found a perfect picnic spot by the waterfalls and stream


We were surprised to find the trail criscrossed by mountain water streams inside Tai Lam Country Park


We had entered the bus from the oppressive density of Tsuen Wan. When we stepped outside at our stop, it was like getting off in a different world, even the temperature was different – much cooler – and the air fresh and crisp


I can imagine this would also be a good summer hike because the foliage protects you from the sun


We were tempted to take a dip but I couldn’t risk infecting my wounds

The first part of the trail was paved, while the rest was mostly laid with large rocks on soil. A part was built by local villagers many decades ago, hence the tag ‘ancient trail’.

Treading this primitive path, you can relive the simple life of old rural communities. (hiking.gov.hk)

Get out…

…the same way you came. Through Bus 51 heading towards the Tsuen Wan MTR. At the end of the trail turn right and walk along the road until you hit the main thoroughfare (5 min). There are also minibuses that bring you to New Territories MTR Stations like Yuen Long or Kam Shan Rd.

Happy hiking!


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