Best Hikes with Kids in Hong Kong

Yesterday, I found a message on my inbox from a reader asking about hiking with kids. Actually, I have done a couple with my friend’s four (now five!) year old son, Ethan.


Carrying Ethan at Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

Hi Julienne, first of all, I like the information you are sharing and how you write down your experience! Love it! I accidently bumped into your blog about a year ago when looking for hiking ideas in HKG. I travel a lot in Asia for work, and then I try to hike in the weekend. (I once recommended you some hikes in Israel – I studied there 1 year, and travelled around Israel).

Now I am looking for ideas to do a small hike with my 2 youngest daughters. In February 2018 we’ll be visiting HKG for 1 week to watch the fireworks and celebrate the lunar new year. Are there any easy hikes you can recommend? In August 2016 we already went around the Shing Mun reservoir with a lot of wild monkeys. Any recommendations are welcome 🙂 


Wilson Trail Section 6: Tai Po Road to Shing Mun Reservoir ‘with the monkeys’ (January 2017)


Make sure to pack a lot of snacks for the little ones! Maybe fruit and nut + biscuits / sandwiches and a lot of water!

Dear L,

The good news is, February is a much better month to go hiking with your little ones than August. Not sure how old exactly your daughters are, but I’m going to list four of the easier and shorter hikes to take your kids on.

Aside from the ones I’m going to list below, however, you can check out the short trails around the Big Buddha, and ‘Family Walks’ assigned by the government:

  1. Kam Shan Family Walk (1km) For monkey viewings
  2. Sheung Yiu (1.8 km) and/or Pak Tam Chung Family Walk (1.4 km) If you want to explore the wider destination of Sai Kung
  3. Pok Fu Lam Family Walk (3.5km) A convenient in-city getaway on Hong Kong Island
  4. Tai Tam Family Walk (1.6 km) HK Island southside romp ending in a sparkling reservoir – good to pair with beaches of Repulse Bay, Stanley, etc.

Monkey sightings at Shing Mun Reservoir

What are family walks?

Family walks are designed for family members to enjoy the pleasure of hiking. They have gentle slopes and mild lengths from 1km to 3.5km that are easily accessible for people of all ages. Waymarks are installed along the trail. The routes require about half an hour to two hours to complete, and hikers can enjoy fresh air and beautiful sceneries of the countryside. All family walks are paved with soil or stones… (

HKFiles tried & tested trails for hiking with children:

Quick & Gorgeous Coastal Hike: Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (Clearwater Bay)

At 2.3km, this Clearwater Bay trail in Hong Kong’s northeast is beautiful and can be paired with a beach trip. However, don’t be fooled by the length – it feels much longer than 2.3km with its uphill steps and multiple picnic breaks!

Best to do when you have a car/uber to pick you up on the other side – not a loop.


Pictures weren’t great as it was overcast that day, but much better so the sun wasn’t scorching making for a comfortable experience

Hiking Lamma Island: Hong Kong Staycation, Secret Beaches

Lamma Island is a great, laid-back locale to take your kids for the weekend. Multiple seafood restaurants line the seafront, and hidden beaches lie in wait to be discovered. At the ferry station, just keep following signs pointing to the ‘Lamma Island Family Walk’. Mapping out your route on Google Maps before hands will help a lot.


Ping Shan Heritage Trail: Pre-colonial Hong Kong

This one is less a hike than a cultural walk. It’s fun to get far north into the New Territories to inhale fresh air and see village relics. You might want to pair this with a visit to the Hong Kong Wetland Park

Beach Hike/Walk: Lantau Trail Section 11 Pui O (Beach) to Cheung Sha Beach

At 4.5km, don’t be intimidated. It’s a short trail connecting two beaches, both with great facilities for kids. In the Pui O side, you can munch on something at Mavericks. You can do watersports there or at Cheung Sha, another strip of sand with restaurants and equipment rental shacks. Hopefully you’ll get to see one of the Lantau cows (or a herd of them!) wandering around the island.

Have fun with the tykes!



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