Quick & Gorgeous Coastal Hike: Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (Clearwater Bay)

Sometimes you don’t have to go too far to get to somewhere gorgeous. Lung Ha Wan was discovered because Czarina took her 4-year-old son Ethan along, so I had to choose something quick but worthy. After reading that it was a favourite film location for directors, I immediately knew it would be spectacular…



The first uphill with Ethan, who wanted to jump from rock to rock

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Distance: 2.3km

Duration: 1.5 hours


Get there

From MTR Hang Hau Station, you can either:

  1. Take a taxi to the starting point
  2. Take Green Minibus 16 from Nan Fung Plaza to Po Toi O.
    • Get off at Clear Water Bay Country Park
    • Walk 2.5km to the starting point (25 minutes)

At the starting point – there were stables and riding corrals by the entrance of the hike. We used the washrooms there before proceeding to the trail.


It says 2.3km and 1 hour only, but we took wayyyy longer than that, what with all the photo ops and food breaks

There were a few people that Friday walking that trail, including a couple of guys with drones. Oh, drones. There are so many scenic spots along the way that you shouldn’t really be queueing up anywhere to get your perfect shot. I for one took loads that day because my hair was cooperating for once…



The biggest ascent on this trail is the gentle 291m rounded summit of Tai Leng Tung.

…there is a lookout at a high point where the indented coasts and archipelagos of Clearwater Bay come into full view. In the near distance are Port Shelter and the Ninepins. If you have binoculars handy, you can observe the sea caves on nearby islands. Sculpted by waves, they are masterpieces of nature. (www.hiking.gov.hk)

…I seriously wonder who wrote that website (see quote above), which has been my hiking bible in Hong Kong for years now. Some descriptions are downright poetic.


I suppose on a clearer day I could have seen the ‘sea caves’


I’m sure it’s packed on weekends but luckily I went on a weekday so we had most of the trail to ourselves


The well-trodden yet picturesque path

I had to carry Ethan for some of it just to speed things up a little bit. He was like a distracted puppy walking with zero regard towards the finishing point. Lots of biscuit breaks had to be made. With other kids I would have probably minded, but I love that kid like no other… the sweetest boy known to mankind.


We did the hike with Czarina’s friends from New York, DJ Kevin and Jeronimo


Twinning with my hike buddy


I believe this is the Ninepin Island Group


Mostly gentle slopes


So many large boulders and dramatic seascapes along the way, perfect for picnics and rest stops..


The legend up top pointing out what you should be seeing on a clear day (what’s the technical term for this anyway? Please leave a comment if you know!)


Get Out

  • From the end of the trail, get a taxi or walk about 20 min, 1.4 km to the bus stop “Clear Water Bay Country Park”
  • Take bus 103M to MTR Tseung Kwan O Station.



Have a wonderful walk! x



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