Review: The Drawing Room @ PMQ

When the skies opened last Saturday unleashing a torrential downpour that ruined Clockenflap for me, Karen and I decided to recalibrate and comfort ourselves with an indulgent brunch at The Drawing Room (TDR). It also happens to be right across from where I live on Staunton Street, which means we got to avoid getting drenched under the rain.

I had actually gone to TDR the night before only to get turned away at the door. Fully booked on a Friday night! Guess walking in is not an option here (on a weekend). Thankfully K had the good sense to call in advance and book us a table.

The Setting

You’ll get decent outdoor views and natural lighting here. We would have loved to move in and out of the wide terrace for drinks / coffee / tea had the weather not been so appalling. I can imagine doing the al fresco thing here would be pleasant (I see it all the time from my bedroom window, and always thought “lovely spot for tea and a book”)
Layout is comfortably spaced out, arrangement is long like a corridor, so it doesn’t feel like diners are concentrated.
While waiting for K to arrive, I entertained myself with the paper and colouring pencils they provided. We adults don’t realise how we never do these things anymore – hardly do anything outside of a screen.

Karen hard at work on her shading

My post-modern masterpiece: us as emojis




We decided on the 3 course brunch for our eating spree. The 4 course with pasta would have been too much, so forwent the carb overload.

Appetizers to share

We thought we would choose 1 each from the 4 appetizers, but to our delight (and to our diet’s dismay) – all four appetizers were served to share. The Pawn does that too (incidentally, K and I also brunched there a couple of months back), feels a bit wrong to spoil ourselves this much, really…
Let’s begin with the best one:
Capesanta: Pan seared scallops & pork ragout on toast
Fresh scallops cooked exactly the way I love, the toast’s crisp texture perfectly complementing the meat. K ever so generously offered half of hers to me when I gushed about it. That’s a real friend.
The rest of the appetizers are in random order as they were more or less in the same level after the standout scallops.

Insalata: Organic mixed salad leaves w/ pickled mushroom
Something green and fresh to make us feel ‘healthier’  about the meal
Mozzarella & salumi: Buffalo mozzarella w/ italian charcuterie & gnocco fritto
I can’t stand cured meat but the buffalo mozzarella was amazing – both in consistency and flavour.
Pesce: Marinated fish w/ avocado, green apple & espelette
Basically an Italian version of ceviche / tartare. I loved the tangy sweetness of the apple mixed with the raw fish marinated in lemon/lime.
By this time I was obviously so stuffed that I could have easily skipped the mains and gone straight to dessert. But we soldiered on:
I got the Merluzzo & gamberi: wild caught cod & prawns “a la plancha” w/ parsley & garlic
I was able to finish the prawns, which were deliciously cheesy, but not as fresh as I would have liked. All the butter-garlic-cheese flavours made up for the slight rubberiness of the prawns.
The fish was drowning in oil and seasoning, but still delicious. I had this packed and ate it for lunch on Monday. It also came with sinfully good baked potatoes that invaded my office with its rich aroma. Needless to say, food envy abounded.
K ordered the ginormous Manzo: black angus striploin steak “a la plancha” w/ rosemary
Impeccably tender, cooked to perfection. Loved the greens (overly flavoured and rich again) but we didn’t touch the bellpeppers. Nothing against them, I guess that’s just not our favourite vegetable.


If there were to be a next time, I would probably go for the ‘Polletto roasted marinated whole baby France spring chicken’ instead of the fish.


And now to my favourite part: desserts! Unfortunately, this is not TDR’s forte.
The ‘tiramisu’ was a melting mess of cream and even more cream (except the latter was iced. Get it?!)
The fruits were warm and caramelized, as if they needed to be any sweeter. I guess I prefer mine fresh and more natural.
We tried to get artistic with this one. Can you spot the lady behind the complimentary sweets? Another masterpiece and joint effort by K and I.

Would we go back?

TDR is a luxurious, pampering, 2-3 hour long affair justified by a special occasion. The price point is far too high for it to become a regular weekend thing for me though, but to try it once, on an indulgent day, I would definitely recommend it. Don’t forget to book in advance! 

7/F BLOCK B, PMQ, 35 ABERDEEN ST. CENTRAL | +852 2156 0888 | | Whatsapp +852 5615 5043

Tuesday to Sunday | Lunch / 12:00nn to 2:30pm | Dinner / 7pm to 10:30pm | Closed on Mondays

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