Best views of Hong Kong: Violet Hill via Tai Tam Country Trail Quick Hike


The ‘best view’ of which I speak

Difficulty: Medium

Distance: 5.2 km

Duration: 2.5 Hour(s)

Yesterday my girlfriend and I caught the sunset view doing a quick trail up and down Violet Hill. Having started at 4.30pm, we only had enough sunlight to do half of Tai Tam Country Trail.


We chose the South end of the loop climbing Violet Hill instead of North. I vow to finish the other half next time, because I hate leaving things half done.

How to get there: We took a taxi from Central (HK$100) but via public transportation (which I’ve done before), there are two relatively painless options:

  1. From Central / Admiralty: Bus 6 or 66 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus (Central) or Admiralty Station; Queensway (Direction Stanley Prison, get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park)
  2. From Causeway Bay: Minibus 5 from Sogo Department Store towards Aberdeen Centre; get off at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

Where to start: Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park

This can get confusing because there are so many trails that begin / end / pass through here. Make sure you find the map as above; they have more than a couple at different potential points of entry. DO NOT follow Hong Kong or Wilson Trail; that will take you on totally different (but absolutely stunning) hikes.

Read: Best Underrated Hike on Hong Kong Island: Wilson Trail Stage 2


Czarina and I – trying to convert her as I no longer have my constant hike buddy (aka ex boyfriend) to drag along to the trails

Some people were enjoying the paddle boats at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, which we circled at the beginning of the hike. Take the path on the right if you want to do the same route we did.

I was so proud of Czarina, as it was her first hike. She never asked for a break, which I always had to do when I first began. (Read: How I Fell In Love With Hiking). I guess she has that fitness foundation which I never had before I turned 25. Yesterday’s mileage was a bit pathetic in my books though, because we only did little more than 2km. Not my finest workout, although still a feat after being out until 4am the night before.


Beyond the foliage, on the other side of Victoria Harbour’s skyline, you can also catch views of the South China Sea towards Tai Tam Bay and even Lamma Island.


Loop Wong Nai Chung Reservoir – Hong Kong Parkview 2.5km


On top of Violet Hill (triangulation point), we bumped into a couple of Putonghua speaking guys launching their drone to catch sundown.

And of course we siezed the amazing lighting for our photo ops. I consider this a great albeit brief kickoff to Hong Kong Hiking Season (winter edition) 2016/2017. I’m sure it will get colder, will have to bring in thicker layers soon.

If you’ve discovered some amazing thing about Hong Kong through this blog, please leave me a note and/or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep these posts coming! 🙂 Suggestions and feedback also very much welcome.

Happy hiking!


2 thoughts on “Best views of Hong Kong: Violet Hill via Tai Tam Country Trail Quick Hike

  1. Laurence says:

    Thank You so much ! I hope we can do this in April when we visit HK for the first time ( if not too rainy 🙂
    I also started following your IG account !


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