Easy Beach Hike: Pak Tam Au to Sai Wan Beach, Sai Kung

Distance: 8.2 km (If you want to do the whole section of Maclehose, it’s 13.5km)

Difficulty: Easy to medium

Duration: 2 hours


Descending into the last beach, Sai Wan

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s been half a year since I’ve updated this blog, and since then I’ve moved to a new site. However, I did return to Hong Kong for a project from August to November, and took some visitors on a beach hike that I thought I’d share with you: Pak Tam Au to Sai Wan Beach in Sai Kung.

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Much of the hike is along the Sai Kung coast, on a paved path with small jetties here and there stretching out into the harbour

You can actually choose which beach to end up on: (from north to south) Tung Wan, Tai Long Wan (both empty but ruggedly beautiful and seasonally has surf swell, you have to rent boards and get amenities at the two southerly beaches), Ham Tin, and Sai Wan.


We chose to end in Sai Wan because there was a boat that would take us back to Sai Kung Pier from there. Usually the last boat departs between 5 to 6pm – it really depends on the day and weather.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.09.17 AM.png

The hike covers part of Maclehose Trail Section 2, in reverse. Instead of going south to north, we went the other way around.

How to get to the starting point, Pak Tam Au: 

  • From the Sai Kung Pier Public Minibus Terminus, take the number towards Hoi Ha
  • You can also find catch bus 94 from Sai Kung town towards Wong Shek Pier

To get to Sai Kung, we split a taxi between from Tsim Sha Tsui but you can also take the MTR to Hang Hau station and switch to the minibus to Sai Kung from the terminal there.



We started the day with brunch at Sai Kung Town: Let’s Jam is my go to for tasty treats (desserts with homemade jam!)


Energy for the walk: Eggs benedict with giant mushrooms


If you’re ever stranded in Sai Kung and need a boat, you can call this number…


Catch a boat to one of the beaches if you don’t feel up for a walk. I enjoy the exercise, though


From Pak Tam Au, follow Maclehose Trail Section 2 to Ham Tin


Up from Ham Tin


Crossing the estuary


Tiff refuses to wet her feet


Catching the last boat out

Hope you enjoy the little day trip as much as we did!



7 thoughts on “Easy Beach Hike: Pak Tam Au to Sai Wan Beach, Sai Kung

  1. Matt says:

    Great post and description Julienne!

    PS for those interested in camping on the beach, the restaurant shack rents them and you can reserve ahead, either 2 or 4 person tents. 2382-2262 is their number. Enjoy 🙂


  2. nelly says:

    Hello thanks for your report and tips. Do you think this travel is suitable with stroller ? We like to ride but we need to bring activity for kids, that’s why we are looking for ride ans beach. Thank you


  3. Jasmine says:

    Did you get off the last stop on Bus 7 or were there a “Pak Tam Au” stop that the driver made along the way? Thanks!


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