6 thoughts on “Hong Kong: To Return or Not to Return? Part II

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Would love to read the rest of this but it seems the links to keep reading the article on Out and Abroad aren’t working? I keep getting an error message


  2. Greg says:

    I found your blog when searching for info on the twins hike. I lived in HK for eight years and moved back to the US in April of this year. I find myself missing the energy of HK a lot. The city is alive. I never would have thought I would miss walking streets that are just packed with people.

    I have a number of friends who have been in HK for a long time and we have talked about how the glitter of the party that is HK wears many people out and they leave after a few years. But those who stay discover HK 2.0, which is taking full advantage of the outdoors, hikes, island beaches, small fishing villages, Mountain Biking (which is my passion), boating, and such. While I still go to Soho, Wyndham, and rarely LKF for drinks, HK is now much more about the outdoors with friends. Not many cities in the world offer both dense urban city life with beautiful countryside 20 minutes away. I for one would love to come back and hope to make that happen.

    I also noticed your taxi story about getting yelled at for a 500 HK note. I can relate. After a while I would go out of my way to ensure I had smaller bills when using taxis. When at the bank I would never take out increments of 500, always take out 400, 1400, 1900 or something like that.

    Anyway I liked looking at your blog as I was feeling nostalgic for HK. Hope the decision worked out for you.



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