Pole dancing in Hong Kong

**Details of the December 11 (TOMORROW) show at the bottom

I can’t remember when pole dancing boomed but one day suddenly a few of my friends were doing it and it became a sexy way of getting fit. Four or five years since that happened, I still haven’t tried it, not even once. But I did watch a show in Hong Kong this summer, upon an invite from the Aerial Arts Academy – probably the poshest place in town to take up the hobby…

piece of cake, right

piece of cake, right

I braved the rain one night with my girlfriend Tiffany and was rewarded by free-flow drinks at the venue (that time it was in Mid-Levels). We were greeted by scantily dressed super fit and sexy ladies and equally handsome men. Bartenders were especially smoking. I thought damn, I should’ve made more of an effort…

I kid you not folks, this was what I saw in the flesh…

It was an amazing show, just my type of thing, where they had live musicians accompanying the dances. What impressed me the most was the “Roxanne” performance (from Moulin Rouge). I thought the performer doing aerial silks was literally gonna fall and die in some parts…

I don't even want to know how much muscle and strength it takes to pull of this number...

I don’t even want to know how much muscle and strength it takes to pull off this number…

The strip tease, however, went terribly wrong in the end when the performer had a wardrobe malfunction. She couldn’t even remove her bustier because the hooks got jammed… There was no stripping, hence hardly any teasing in effect.

the stripteaser I watched

I seriously love dancing and performing but in my deepest heart I know (despairingly) that I can never do this. Yes maybe I can get this strong but I am so completely inflexible that the mid air splits will never happen…

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll all have a chance to see the Student Showcase again, their second one this year. And they’ve moved to a bigger and better venue, more accessible than the last place:

When:       Saturday 11th December 2014 from 7pm until late.

Where:      Levels Nightclub, 2nd Floor, On Hing Building, No.1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.       

The event will feature fascinating Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop, Chair & Lap, Pole Dance, burlesque and a less common Hammock performance from both students and professional instructors.

‘Fairy Tale & Fantasy’ will feature dreamy ‘fairy tale inspired’ music, costumes and dancing from well-known fairy tales…

Each ticket includes a free drink at HKD280. HKD300 at the door. www.aerialartsacademy.com/winter-showcase 

More information: E-mail info@aerialartsacademy.com, visit www.aerialartsacademy.com or call 2375 8088

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