Hiking in Macau: Coloane Trail

Distance: 8.1km

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: SUPER Easy

Directions: See below


Macau is so small (36 times smaller than Hong Kong) that you would hardly think there’d be anywhere to properly walk. In a way you can never really escape the city in Macau, but if you want to, Coloane is the place for it.

Believe it or not, these used to be three separate islands before land reclamation.

Macau Peninsula on the north also has a few trails which I intend to explore another time, especially the one at Guia Hill. I’ll report back to you when I have 😉


Finally caught a glimpse of Macau’s beach! Hac Sa Beach

Get there:

I’m going to give you the easiest route I can think of. Despite Macau being so small, it’s actually difficult to get to the starting point of the hike. It took us ages to figure it out, wasting a lot of time. Don’t try to walk it like we did, since that will involve you inhaling lots of fumes from all the construction work…

Map of Coloane Trail, roughly an 8-loop

Map of Coloane Trail, roughly an 8-loop

  1. From the ferry terminal, take the free shuttle bus to Sands Cotai. NOT Sands Macau. SANDS COTAI (home to Sheraton, Conrad, Holiday Inn, etc.)
  2. From Sands Cotai get on the road (Estrada do Istmo) and take bus 25, 26A, or N3 towards Hac SA Beach.
  3. Get off at SEAC Pai Van Park
  4. You will see a road going uphill, towards the greenery: Estrada do Alto de Coloane. Walk up that road, towards the sign.
  5. People will be waiting at the bottom of the road for a free white shuttle bus towards the A-ma Goddess Statue – wait with them and take the bus. It’s not a nice walk up, construction everywhere. But if you want to, you can. There are alternative starting points along the road.
  6. After getting off the bus just keep walking up to the statue and the trail starts there

A-ma Goddess Statue, built around the same time Big Buddha in HK was built (90s)

On the way to the statue you’ll pass the temple and Alto De Coloane Park:

Macau Tin Hau Temple

13 walking trails are located on Taipa and Coloane

The 8km Coloane Trail is the toughest and takes hikers 100 metres above sea level to the top of Coloane Peak. Other highlights include the 2.7km Northeast Coloane Walking Trail which features 10 observation stops where hikers can learn about the plants, soil and environment of the area. (SCMP)


On Taipa Island, there are two trails, the 2.2km Taipa Grande and 2.3km Taipa Pequena which take hikers to the two highest points of the island, offering a panoramic view of Macau. (SCMP – Click here for the informational article they have on hiking in Macau)


Where to go for food after? I haven’t tried doing this, but I head Fernando’s on Hac Sa Beach is good. 🙂 Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Hiking in Macau: Coloane Trail

  1. bluebalu says:

    This looks great, I’ve added it to my to do list! And yes, you should go to Fernando’s – it is one of the best places to eat in Macau. Just don’t got at lunch time or dinner time during the weekend, you’ll have to wait a long time… go in between and then you should not have to wait too long to get a table!


  2. Josh says:

    Hi, just a quick point for those who don’t want to walk to the statue first; after exiting the bus you can walk east through the little park, past the bathroom and playground equipment, to a stairway leading down to the trail.


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