Review: Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014

Taken at the Horror-wood Studios attraction, where your haunted experience is captured and you can watch yourself star in your own horror movie. We thought it was pretty cool! Except for the part in the end where my sister screamed and swore in Tagalog and one of the monsters (Filipino, obviously) said “hello ate! Kamusta ka?” – hahaha!

After hiking Wilson Trail Stage 2 all morning/afternoon with my beautiful baby sister Joyce, we somehow were able to muster enough energy to make it to the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 in the evening. We decided it wasn’t too bad to head there at 6pm since some Halloween attractions start at 5pm anyway.

with my sister Joyce @ Ocean Park's Halloween Fest 2014

with my sister Joyce @ Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest 2014

“Halloween” dates at Ocean Park (until 11pm) are usually from Thursday-Sunday on weekends in October. From Monday to Wednesday Ocean Park operates normal hours (10:00 am – 10:00 pm)


So FINALLY I was able to find out what all the hype was about: What is Halloween in Ocean Park really like? For me, it was funner than Disney’s Haunted Halloween (see my review here) because it’s ‘scarier’ and better suited to teenagers rather than kids.. Obviously I am neither a teenager nor a kid but you know what I mean.

phantoms roamed the park scaring people... and posing for photos with them

phantoms roamed the park disturbing and shocking people… and posing for photos with them

Still, the haunted houses weren’t THAT scary and after going to 2 or 3 of them, they were a bit repetitive and basically used the same formula.

A huge drawback for me was that almost everything was in Cantonese again. But oh well what do I expect I’m in Hong Kong right? It was fun and all but I’m not going back. If there was a storyline to any of the attractions it totally flew over my head.

special Halloween sign posts

special Halloween sign posts

One thing that really helped the whole experience was the fact that we got HALLOWEEN FEST PREMIUM TICKETS. This meant we were able to cut most lines instead of waiting 45 minutes or more per haunted attraction. That queuing time would probably have ruined my whole experience, honestly.



However, even with the premium pass Joyce and I were unable to get into the ‘most intense’ attraction: H14 [RESTRICTED CLASS]. The waiting time was literally 3 hours in advance unless you BOOKED ONLINE. Oh my God! Honestly who the f* would book online yada yada when going to a theme park?! Who plans that much in advance just so you can have a bit of fun I mean it’s like bloody work! Only in Asia!! -_-


We would have probably made the most of our tickets had we gone earlier and done all the rides PLUS the Halloween attractions… but my sister wanted to hike and it was amazing anyway so no regrets 🙂 We did one ride though which I hadn’t done before – THE ABYSS. It was fantastic!

so fast I didn’t have time to think

Would I recommend you go? Probably yes, if just once to try it. Cantonese speakers would have more fun. There were loads of students squealing and having a great time.

Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014

Ocean Park Daytime Admission Ticket

Adult : HK$320 Child (aged 3-11) : HK$160
The all day-and-night ticket gives access to the Park’s fun-filled Halloween shows and spectacularly decorated attractions.
Adult : HK$262 Child (aged 3-11) : HK$131
Halloween Fest Premium Ticket (we were able to get our hands on these!)
Adult : HK$628 Child (aged 3-11) : HK$314
Get admission to all day-and-night Halloween attractions with priority access to 16 attractions, a HK$100 in-park coupon pack and a special Halloween souvenir!

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