Marco Polo German Bierfest 2014

17 October-8 November 2014

Oktoberfest in Hong Kong. It’s that time of the year again, when HK hijacks yet another popular celebration from abroad. We’re not complaining, though, because sometimes it’s as fun as it is inauthentic…


Cheap German gear from Taobao 😉

Yup, I came in a dirndl like I promised last year (see my 2013 experience here – can’t believe it’s been a year!).

my best lads, James and JuanK (in HK again!!!! yay!)

I went with my best lads, James and JuanK (in HK again!!!! yay!)

We came to the opening/welcoming party of the 23rd Marco Polo German Bierfest – officially it opens to the public this Friday from 17 October to 8 November 2014.

Schedule: (17 October-8 November 2014, everyday)

Sunday to Thursday             6:00pm – 11:00pm
Friday and Saturday             6:00pm – 11:30pm

Happy Hour (Daily)*             6:00pm – 7:00pm

 *Buy one glass of beer by Octopus at bar counter to redeem one additional glass of beer on the spot


Now that I’m on my second year, I feel like I can have more of an opinion on the bierfest. Everything was more or less the same as last year (and for the past 22+ years I suspect) – except less people. There were around half as many people this year as there was last year on the opening night. It detracted a bit from the mood, especially as there were less jolly Germans… boo hoo.

test your strength at this game

test your strength at this game

This year they didn’t have the Bavarian hearts. Instead, they gave everyone Lowenbrau beermug-hats.


beermug hats – see what I mean?

last year’s Bavarian hearts

Same games, same songs, same food as last year. Coming there for the first time was awesome but when it’s your second time around and nothing has changed – that makes me think Marco Polo should innovate a little more to keep people coming.

Opening Party_2013_1

Nevertheless, it was jolly and fun, and if you haven’t been you should definitely go! My favourite part is when everyone’s had their fair share of beer and suddenly strangers are all friends and dancing together on the dance floor. It’s a blast.



Adult       HK$140 (includes a glass of beer)
Child*    HK$110 (includes a glass of soft drink)

Friday and Saturday

Adult       HK$240 (includes a glass of beer and one Marco Polo German Bierfest beer mug)

Child*    HK$120 (includes a glass of soft drink)

More details here :

3 thoughts on “Marco Polo German Bierfest 2014

  1. CrazyChineseFamily says:

    I guess it is kind of sad to admit as a german that I have never been in a Oktoberfest. I actually never even planned on going to one but then again it is probably a must do on my bucket list to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich at some point…
    I’ve been to a german/ Bavaria style restaurant in xi’an once, it was pretty crazy to see the amount of sausages served non-stop to tables and the beer people tried to drink. I really wonder what Chinese imagine when they think of Germany or a German person 🙂


    • Yeni R says:

      I need to put that on my bucket list too >_< !! 😀

      You must have been the king of that Bavarian restaurant in Xi'an then… the main attraction, imagine, a real German person there :))


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