Beach Hike/Coastal Walk: Shek Pik Reservoir to Shui Hau Lantau Trail Stage 9

Distance: 6.5 kilometres

Duration: 2 hours (You can do it faster if you run, which is possible especially in the downhill/flat parts in the start and end of the trail)

Difficulty: 1/3 stars Easy Walk. Perfect for beginners, or for warm weather.

Date: Sunday 28 September 2014


On the Sunday of our Mui Wo Staycation (post and link up soon). See Saturday’s record here where we hiked from Pui O Beach to Cheung Sha Beach.

This leg of the Lantau trail (Stage 9) is a very scenic and beautiful one, even if it doesn’t end in a beach as beautiful as Cheung Sha/Pui O. You Can actually carry on and do Stage 10 of the trail to end at Cheung Sha Beach (which we were planning to do, but just ran out of time as JPJR had a flight to catch that evening).


A hidden gem: Again there were barely any people on this trail, even on a Sunday afternoon. The seaviews were spectacular and it’s a relatively easy walk for Lantau!


We started with breakfast @ Daniel’s (Mui Wo) – Eggs Benedict with homemade Hollandaise sauce

Where to start: Get to Shek Pik Reservoir via bus route 1 or 2 at Mui Wo Bus Terminal; or take bus route 11, 23 in Tung Chung. (Get off at the end of the dam.)


that’s Shek Pik Reservoir behind us

Remember, take the road (a concrete road) almost directly perpendicular to Shek Pik Reservoir. If you’re facing the reservoir, it’s on the right side, behind you. Don’t make the same mistake as us – we almost started a totally different hike (Shek Pik Country Trail – another hike for another day).


you should see this sign


More than halfway through the hike, we arrived at an obscure beach called Lo Kei Wan 籮箕灣 (see below). Before we came, we crossed over one of the most foul-smelling streams I’ve ever encountered in my life. The beach was such a waste as well – it would have been a beautiful haven if not for the abominable stench that rose from it, not to mention all the garbage washed up onto the shore.


Lo Kei Wan 籮箕灣 – a beautiful beach destroyed by pollution

There were a couple of people (gweilos) with a dog at the beach. I have no idea why they would want to spend their Sunday relaxing surrounded by filth. My boss later on told me that Lantau was prone to bad water and pollution because of its proximity to the mouth of the Pearl River Delta. Basically all that crap from Guangzhou (another beautiful place totally devastated by pollution) goes down the river, is joined by even more trash from Shenzhen, and ends up in the waters between Macau and Lantau.

Makes me wanna cry sometimes. But more like throw up.

Anyway, apologies for that burst of negativity. This hike/walk was truly beautiful and picturesque, and perfect for warmer weather as it’s not too obscure or taxing. You also have the option to walk all the way to the beach (I mean the better cleaner one, Cheung Sha up the road)… or take a bus if you’re tired. We ended up going back to eat at The Stoep same as the day before because it was soooo good. Mmmm.

So while the weather is warm take advantage of these easy beach hikes!

Happy exploring xx


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