Review: Disney Haunted Halloween 2014

Last week I got invited to a press preview of Disney’s HAUNTED HALLOWEEN 2014.


I wasn’t expecting very much given last year’s experience, after which I concluded that Disney’s Halloween celebrations are much too kiddie for me.

Disney Halloween 2013

Hong Kong Disney Halloween 2013

But it was actually better than I expected. Although I would still recommend the Hong Kong Disney Halloween for families rather than for teenagers and adults.


doing my research. I wish I had worn shorts and sneakers instead of a work dress and pumps :((

In my next few posts I will do a report on Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest which I’m really looking forward to (I haven’t experienced it yet but I heard it’s really good!!). I will also try to test out the new FRIGHT DOME on The Peak, which has come to HK all the way from Las Vegas. That one’s supposed to be seriously scary.


special HALLOWEEN signposts at HK Disneyland this year

Let’s begin with the basics:

Night Tickets are at  HK$340

Available on these dates : October 2-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26 and 31, 2014 (Time: 18:00 – 23:00)

General Admission Ticket are at HK$450 (including “Disney Haunted Halloween attractions)

Child Ticket (aged 3-11) HK$320

Come in Costume!

Hong Kong Disneyland encourage guests to be part of their Halloween atmosphere by dressing up. However, it might be good to note the following restrictions:

  • In some attractions, costume accessories such as hats, capes and wings may not be worn as they may cause safety concerns to guests or disrupt the operation.
  • Guests with costumes, make-up and props that pose a safety hazard to other guests may not be allowed in the Park.
  • Full-faced masks may not be worn.

Haunted Houses

Disney Haunted Halloween_Graves Academy

Graves Academy

Graves Academy 

This was the scarier/eerier one of the two. You have to walk through the haunted house with a small group; at one point I had to lead the team and get attacked by the ghoulies ’cause other people wouldn’t move ahead. And mind you I do not have nerves of steel when it comes to these things – I’m actually faint of heart.

Graves Academy was once a prestigious learning institution, but now its halls are filled with darkness and decay. Principal Graves was known to turn troubled students into obedient and disciplined citizens, and now the souls of his tortured students haunt its corridors.
Time: 14:00 – 23:00 (Only available in extended hours in October)

Disney Haunted Halloween_Revenge of the Headless Horseman

Disney Haunted Halloween_Revenge of the Headless Horseman

Revenge of the Headless Horseman 

I did this last year. Not scary, especially since everything was in Cantonese (like all the other attractions) – and I understood absolutely nothing.

Angered by the con artist exhibitor and his false claims the horseman has come to seek revenge.
Time: 14:00 – 23:00 (Only available in extended hours in October)


[NEW] Horrors of the Amazon

I’m so sorry but this show was seriously lame. So much hype and it just fell flat on its face. Maybe it’s because I understood nothing once again, but they could easily have made it scarier, they have all the props, the budget, the costumes to pull off something amazing. But they didn’t. The story was meh; they should have ripped something off Agatha Christie instead. And the acting… I mean seriously the “MACBETH” production of my high school class was scarier than this.

Disney Haunted Halloween_Horrors of the Amazon(1)

Theatre in the Wild hosts a storytelling experience featuring a “show and tell” hosted by Jungle Cruise Skipper Jonas Brisbane, played by the celebrity Power Chan Kwok-pong. Brisbane, who aspires to being a member of the Society of Adventurers and Explorers, is the sole survivor of an unusual nighttime journey to a place known as Voodoo Island…
Venue : Adventureland – Theatre in the Wild
Time : 20:15 / 21:15 / 22:15 (Only available in extended hours in October)

Disney Haunted Halloween_Horrors of the Amazon(2)

[NEW] Missing Link

Basically costumed disturbing creatures skulking around certain areas of the park that kind of freak you out when you notice them in the shadows… I guess they’re a good addition, contributing to the freaky atmosphere.

Jonas Brisbane is responsible for capturing several bizarre and terrifying creatures he discovered during his expedition to Voodoo Island. Unfortunately these beings, which can only be described as “missing links”, have escaped captivity and are now lurking in the darkened corners of Adventureland and Mystic Point. Guests should be prepared for some possible encounters with some mysterious creatures, as they might appear anytime, anywhere!
Location: Adventureland and Mystic Point
Time: 18:30 – 23:00 (Only available in extended hours in October)

[NEW] Tomorrowland Boutique

Didn’t try this but some other people went ahead and got their faces painted 🙂

Brand New Luminous Makeup Guests can pay a visit to the Tomorrowland Boutique to be “painted” in colorful new make up by our make-up experts so they can better take part in the exciting “Disney Paint the Night” nighttime spectacular. Also available are all-new spray tattoos, which are inspired by some of the famous characters appearing in the all-new nighttime parade. Face Painting : HK$90 / guest Spray Tattoo : HK$40 / guest Time : 18:30 – 21:30 (Only Extended hours in October)

Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire

The really impressive acts here was the acrobat girl doing splits and extensions and the fire throwing guy. The former is apparently called “Air-Abesque” while the latter is known as “Inferno.”

Disney Haunted Halloween_Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire

The Crystal Temptress

An unusual and amazing band of sideshow performers have rolled into the “Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire” to reveal their extraordinary dark side. “Inferno” and “The Crystal Temptress” can command and manipulate the elements of fire and ice;



“Bat-Boy” and “Siren of the Skies” have physical qualities emulating animalistic features; “Air-Abesque” can contort her body into unnatural but elegant positions and “Woodland Warrior” can blend with nature like no other. 


Siren of the Skies who couldn’t really sing


Woodland Warrior the guy on stilts

Time: 18:30 – 23:00 (Only available in extended hours in October)

 [NEW] Sid’s Toys Photo Locations (Babyhead, Legs & Ducky)

For themed photo ops.

Disney Haunted Halloween_Sid Toys Photo Locations (Babyhead)
Toy Story Land has been invaded by more of Sid’s mutant toys including “Babyhead”, ”Ducky” and “Legs”*, who have all taken up residence in an attempt to escape their destructive owner. 

Grizzly Gulch Halloween Fair

I liked the “Western” Texas/old California atmosphere here 🙂 Wish they had candied apples and apple bobbing. And Jack-o-lantern making.


One of my biggest issues with Hong Kong Disneyland is the food. I mean in the US they’re just as unhealthy but at least they taste amazing!! Sugared churros and juicy hotdogs… mmmm… in HK everything just tastes like plastic 😦

IMG_5910 IMG_5908
The residents of Grizzly Gulch have enlivened the Halloween season with an array of challenging and fun-filled, old-fashioned “pitch and toss” style games, at the Grizzly Gulch Halloween Fair. Enjoy two new challenges with “Fortune Falls” and “Bowlerama Balance” right in the heart of the gold rush town.
Time: 14:00 – 22:00 (Only available in extended hours in October)

 [NEW] Halloween Spectacular Tour

Honestly who would do this? But anyway…

For the price of HK$5,388, guests may enjoy a guided Halloween Spectacular Tour, featuring a tailor-made itinerary for a maximum of 6 guests. On top of direct entrance to all attractions and the two haunted attractions, guests can also view the “Disney Paint the Night” parade from a designated viewing area, has reserved seating for “Horrors of the Amazon” show and enjoy an exclusive meet and greet with Disney Friends.

—And that’s it for my review! All in all I would highly recommend it for families with kids, or for the faint of heart who can’t handle the more macabre attractions out there…



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