Macau Tower Jump: Would you do it?

Here’s a post to celebrate FEARLESS FRIDAYS!!


my fearful face

Once upon a time I promised someone in a letter that I would do the Macau Tower jump with him. I never thought that day would come, but it did.


don’t be fooled, I was far from happy. More like losing my mind

Actually, I cheated. I went all the way up there and chickened out of the Bungy, so instead I did the Skyjump which meant I was just lowered down from the top.

team tower jump

We were so lucky with the weather that day we couldn’t NOT do it. After all my three companions registered, I backed out and said I wouldn’t do it. We had to go eat lunch first downstairs before I actually gathered enough courage to go through with it. By that time the queue had increased and they told me I couldn’t do the jump until 6pm – but everyone had to take the ferry out by then.

Registration guy wouldn’t let me jump with my friends at the same time. What a dick!! I mean I know I was technically cutting the line but all my friends already registered and we were all paying more than HK$2,500 each to do the damn jump. The least you can do is let us jump together, right?!

Thank God for ANTHONY, the Kiwi Relationship Manager who made it happen. Look out for him, he’s got a black fern tattooed on his arm since he got sick and tired of people thinking he was Australian. I guessed it right before he told me, and that’s probably why he helped me out.


I couldn’t even bring myself to step off the damn platform out of my own free will, I was too scared, so they had to hang me like a mother carries kittens by the neck


How much is it? It’s NOT CHEAP. For a few seconds of thrill, you need to shell out HK$2,000-3,000 depending on which jump you do, and if you want the complete photo and video package. And of course you would want that, right?! Imagine going through all that shit with no proof that you actually did it -_-


don’t look down


not looking down


still not looking down. after this photo they DROPPED me and I was shrieking like crazy

_DSC9764So yeah I did the sissy jump. Here are photos of the real thing:




AJ Hackett Macau Tower Limited

Level T2 – Adventure Zone – Macau Tower
Macau, SAR

1 hour from Hong Kong on Turbo Jet Ferry

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7 thoughts on “Macau Tower Jump: Would you do it?

  1. Ciara says:

    You haven’t told us if you enjoyed it or not?! I’m keen to know as there is nooooo way I’d do the bungy but maaaaybe this one ?!


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