Save Bowen Road – Sign this petition!

I have yet to write an entry about my go-to jogging trail in Hong Kong – Bowen Road. But that’s because everyone already knows about it. Even in the summer, when you think it’s too hot to run, Bowen Road’s leafy surroundings halfway up the mountain on Mid-Levels gives a cooler respite from other options (seriously, jogging along the Central Harbourfront is a horrible experience – ferry exhaust + floating garbage + pollution leaves me weak and choking at the end). No matter how good the Tamar Park section is on Admiralty.


Bowen Road at night

The views are fantastic, the flat path is long and varied, no cars to avoid, and lighting is good. You couldn’t pick a trail as great and as convenient… 

But Bowen Road is endangered. Why? As my friend Martin Y put it: “In short, some tycoon wants car access to his mansion on Bowen Rd. Please spread the word.”

An application has been filed with the Town Planning Board to rezone certain Government Land along Bowen Road from its current Green Belt zoning in order to allow for the construction of private vehicle access road to a single residential property development.  If approved, the development would result in the destruction of significant public green space along Bowen Road and set an undesirable precedent for similar applications.

So help save Bowen Road by signing the petition here!

One of the best things about this city is its public spaces, and the fact that the government uses the best land for the benefit of its residents. Let’s not allow this one rich guy to undermine this path enjoyed by so many runners and joggers everyday.


2 thoughts on “Save Bowen Road – Sign this petition!

  1. John says:

    Tell the tycoon and the fat lazy slobs in LEGCO to get out of their polluting pieces of metal and take up running – breathe in that wonderful healthy CO2 rather than the pollution from his car exhaust. CO2 is great – we love CO2 and Bowen Road.


  2. RENAUD Frédéric says:

    Hi !
    I’m a Frenchman. I live in mainland Chinabut my daughter was born in Adventist Hospital on Stubbs road.
    We often go to this hospital for several stays after illness or surgery. I really appreciate Bowen road as a quiet place to walk, with a nice view over the city.
    As I can see, a lot of people love this place too from little kids ro elderly. I really think it’s totally unacceptable to let one person alone destroy the beloved place of thousands of others.
    I hope you’ll win this fight.


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