Real Stories: Brits Moving to Hong Kong

James Collins, 33, Engineering Geologist from London

James Collins, 33, Engineering Geologist from London

Most of the expats that I have met in Hong Kong have a ‘work hard – play hard’ attitude. Although after a couple of years here, the ‘play hard’ part of that ethos seems to fade a little, and activities like hiking, water sports, and more outdoor activities tend to get a little more priority. Having said that, there are the guys who have been here for twenty or so years and they’re still playing hard… usually in Wan Chai.

remember this guy?

The main instigator in me leaving the UK was the financial crisis. I’d just completed an MSc in London, and I was having trouble finding a job in the UK. I knew that most of Asia hadn’t really been affected by the economic downturn that had struck the USA and Europe, so Asia seemed like an obvious place to look for a job. I’d always been interested in the idea of living abroad and experiencing different cultures, interesting food, and new people.

Amanda Page, 31, teacher

So often while I was living in London I would witness fights breaking out in the middle of the club or in the street. Seeing broken glass and blood stains on the pavement the next morning was a regular occurrence, whereas in HK that is all very rare.

An article I did for – see the whole story here.

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