Running: Quarry Bay Promenade


begin or end your run at SOHO East, with its many restaurants. If you’re still presentable, that is.

Where I ran: Quarry Bay Promenade

Length: 1.8km – if you go back and forth 3.6km

Why I like it: 

✓ Fresher air than at my usual haunt, which is the route on the Central Pier/harbourfront to Admiralry/Wan Chai.

✓ A Pet garden with cute dogs running around!

✓ More space

✓ Relaxed vibe

How to get there: Walk from either the Quarry Bay, Tai Koo, or Sai Wan Ho MTR Station. Just head towards the harbour.


That “Sir Alexander Grantham” label denotes an old fireboat-turned exhibition along the harbour

Applause, please. People I was able to run 2.5km yesterday without stopping. Great strides, claps all around.

Okay seriously now. This is just me continuing my journey away from the weak-Asian-girl stereotype into a strong, empowered woman who doesn’t “run like a girl”

I was really inspired by that video by the way, as shared with me by my sister. We need to talk about that next time.

Whether or not I’ll be joining that zombie-marathon RUN FOR YOUR LIVES HK on October 2, I’m still determined to do 5k by then.

…which will lead to greater things including:

✓ Ability to join my first marathon (as I haven’t done so yet)

✓ Ability to hike and actually enjoy the view instead of collapsing to the side

✓ Decrease in body fat which will make me look better in a bikini

✓ Scaling mountains (Mt. Kinabalu and Mt. Pulag are on the list) and the Great Wall of China

Mt. Pulag, Philippines

✓ Toned legs

✓ More stamina enabling me to do other things better, like sports and dancing.

✓ Better travel experiences


Are you with me?

Oh, and it’s my 3rd year anniversary in HK on the 29th of July! Woop!

one of my first few days in HK: finishing my drink before getting on the MTR.

No idea what to do with my life yet, just cruising along, in case you wanted to know. My only consolation is, I kind of have a better idea than I did when I first arrived. 🙂


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