FREE Brazilian/Bikini Waxing in Hong Kong

*This post is for the ladies

Once upon a time I went to Japan and decided to visit one of Kyoto’s public bath houses. Everyone has this idea that Japanese girls are the hottest in Asia but maybe the hot ones don’t do public baths? It’s like one of those EXPECTATION vs. REALITY split-screens where on one hand you have sexy naked women everywhere and on the other an illustration of how women’s bodies are ravaged by time.

Well, there were one or two alright ladies (yes I was actually checking people out, sorry for sounding judgmental I was just curious) but another thing that struck me was how hairy every single woman was down there. I’ve never seen such pubic hair in my life…

Anyway, let’s not get graphic. What I’m really here to talk about is waxing in Hong Kong. Men, you can stop reading now if you’ve actually gotten to this point (although actually men can also get themselves waxed!).

In Hong Kong, there is no excuse not to wax down there. Yes it’s expensive – from HK$270-500+ per session – but you can actually get it for free. Yes, free! After spending heaps of cash for years on monthly waxing appointments, I decided to give it a go. I was dubious at first when I saw that “free waxing” link on the internet, but I went for it anyway.

(Okay, I just checked now and I can’t find the link but the website instructed me to send an e-mail to schedule a free waxing appointment. Here’s the address:

So why is it free? Because the person who waxes you is undergoing training, and at some point some people (beauticians, experts) might come in and watch, comment, and/or help to wax you. Just keep your mouth shut and read a book or scroll through your phone while it’s going on and you’ll be done before you know it. And seriously, it gets less and less painful every time you go.

Basically you’re going into a nice salon in the middle of Central and get a free waxing session, the only difference is that there will be some people watching you.

Another place to get a free Brazilian Wax is at HK Beauty Academy. 

Just visit visit for available training sessions and email to make a booking 🙂

And that’s it! Hope I was able to help, girls!


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