Q&A: Liebster x HKFiles

Photo by Happyfingers Photography

Photo by Happyfingers Photography

Happy Monday!

For those who are interested in knowing a little bit more about me, I’m here to answer 10 questions posed by hongkongfong as part of the LIEBSTER Awards. Thank you hongkongfong!

1.  What (or who) brings you the greatest joy?

Fresh air, travelling, being with family and friends, a good appetite for humour, learning new things, improving myself, dancing

2.  What makes you unhappy or frustrated?

  • Nasty people, of which there is an abundance in Hong Kong. People who shout at you.
  • Pollution. Dirty water.
  • Feeling like I’m not who or where I should be.
  • Being not as physically fit as I can be. I want to run 5k without getting tired by October.
  • People who hurt me and put me down. People who make me feel bad about myself.

3.  What, to you, makes a compelling photograph?

A candid capture of real emotion/enormity.

4.  How do you decide what specifically to blog about?

Anything I enjoy writing or feel like talking about.

5.  What has surprised you about blogging?

That there are people who actually read what I have to say, and stumble upon my blog in the most random of ways. It always surprises me to hear every now and then somebody approaching me to tell me they’ve read my blog. I’m like… how?! haha!

6.  What (or who) reminds you regularly why you chose to live where you do now (and I don’t mean in a nagging way!)?

The people who visit Hong Kong and say they feel alive here. The friends-for-life whom I’ve met here and wouldn’t have known had I not moved here. The new things I keep learning everyday, the doors that keep opening for me.

7.  How do you stay inspired?

By regularly doing something different and new! By opening myself up to change.

8.  What is your proudest moment or greatest achievement (thus far)?

Building a life for myself in an adverse environment (it’s not easy over here, especially for a Filipina), all on my own.

9.  What life lesson or belief do you want to pass on to others?

Never limit yourself, you can always be and do more 🙂




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