Wakeboarding in Hong Kong

HONG KONG SUMMER people!! Instead of whining about how hot and humid it is, why don’t you get in the water?! Alright, the water’s not exactly crystal clear here but you take what you can get!

Yesterday was my official wake board baptism in Hong Kong:

YES I DID IT! On my last try!!! I was crying with happiness

I’ve never been a sporty or athletic person, and it’s only now – at age 25 – that I’m discovering I’ve wasted all those years being a little weak Asian girl when I was capable of doing greater things! Nature has equipped me with more than good genes to become decently athletic while nurture has gone against it. Growing up, I was a stay-at-home bookworm studying in an all girls Catholic school until age 17. Extra-curricular activities were debate and the school paper.

Yesterday I didn’t think I would be strong enough or balanced enough to stand on that board as the boat pulled me forward. I remember 3 years ago on a junk trip I tried wake boarding with 4 other people. I was the only one who couldn’t do it, swallowing more sea water than anything else. A French couple who could snowboard were able to do it on their first time wake boarding. My Pinay friend was cruising effortlessly. All I was doing was face-planting.

3 years ago on that junk trip in Sai Kung, just before heading out to wake board

I feel so accomplished that after 1 year of hiking and yoga, I can finally do things I was never able to do or thought I could do before. What’s next?! I want to be able to surf properly like my surfer friends Sabs Lena and Marla! I want to be a real tropical tribal princess! Haha!




Where we did it: Tai Tam Tuk Harbour www.wakeboard.com.hk 

But there are other places to do it too. Lantau Island and Tai Long Wan will probably have cleaner waters.

before getting in

you can’t believe how happy I was


8 thoughts on “Wakeboarding in Hong Kong

  1. Ray H says:

    Very cool! I think 20s is the time to get athletic, a lot of teenagers that play sports tend to peak too early and stop later in life.

    Good luck becoming a tropical tribal princess.

    Indeed, in this weather getting in the water is the only sensible choice..


  2. Chris says:

    If anyone else is looking for wakeboarding recommendations, there’s this guy named Michael in Sai Kung who speaks great English and is really good. His contact is 9663 9666.

    On the same note, I do NOT recommend “Wake Plus” or its affiliated company “Wakeboard.hk”. Both have some of the absolute worst customer service I’ve experienced in a long time.


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