Hong Kong Beach Review: Middle Island

Quest: This summer I will visit beaches and islands in Hong Kong that I haven’t been to whenever I get the chance!

Where? Middle Island is right across Deep Water Bay, where the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC) is stationed

that’s Middle Island with Repulse Bay in the background

Rating: ★★ (2/5) – Dirty. I left one star because it’s secluded which makes it cool. Another star was given because you can actually swim to this island from Seaview Promenade connecting Repulse and Deep Water Bay. And it’s only a 20-minute or so cab ride away from Central.

Below you can see the small channel where you can swim – it’s just about 75-100 metres.


crossing to Middle Island

Another plus point are the people in the area – a lot of nice people with dogs and kids, which/who we were able to play with. Some friendly Australian and Americans on paddle boards even let the kids (and us) have a go as well.

How to get there: If you can’t swim across or have bags you don’t want to get wet, or if you’re a luggage mule like I was, then you can take the small shuttle boat. It has a blue roof manned by a friendly but quiet local man and he just goes back and forth to the RHKYC. The “dock” (just a few steps to the water, really) can be found right on Seaview Promenade in between Deep Water and Repulse Bay. We walked to this point from the beach instead of taking it from the road down the stairs.

Seaview Promenade

Seaview Promenade

Provisions: Bring food and water. A fantastic tip which my friend did was to freeze a big water bottle so by the time you’re on the beach the water is partially melted and you can drink it COLD!! Mmmm.

We got sandwiches and salad to keep us nourished; a couple of us (alcoholics) were craving chilled white wine and they tried to get it from the RHKYC – but you can’t get anything there unless you’re a member. So Lydia was able to charm a member who was her ‘cousin’ into buying the wine for her. Clap, clap!

We brought speakers and then played Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" after which Lydia had a fantastic idea to shoot a music video

We brought speakers and then played Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” after which Lydia had a fantastic idea to shoot a music video


WARNING!!! Wear sunblock!! Even if you’re as dark as me! I seriously got charred that day


And that’s all folks! 🙂 Happyyy summerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

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