June 5-8: Lingerie Sale in Soho



Busy, busy, busy! But thought I’d share the summer French Lingerie sale from Simon Perele next weekend.

I noticed that girls in Hong Kong, compared to Westerners, aren’t really into sexy underwear (how do I know this?? I can see granny pants through their tight dresses and skirts!!). Well, before coming to HK as well I have to admit all I’ve ever worn was underwear that my mother bought me. And then I came to the realization through friends that lingerie is important, especially to Latin American and European people (men and women alike). That was my coming-of-underwear-age in which I began the process of getting rid of all my cotton tighty-whities and making the switch to lace and thongs (gasp!). Although I can’t bring myself to wear the latter on a regular basis (the key is to find really comfortable stretch ones!), and sometimes slide back into my old ways especially when I’m exercising.

a sneak peek of my shoot with Happyfingers Photography in the privacy of my own home :)

a sneak peek of my shoot with Happyfingers in the privacy of my own home 🙂

When I was studying in France, and living with a French girl for a while here, I realized that no matter how plain French girls’ outfits were, their underwear was always something lacy or sheer. (How did I find out? Well, aside from the drying laundry, there was this one party in Rennes where everyone was smashed on alcohol and I had to walk over girls passed out on the floor in various states of undress as I was leaving the venue). Seems like the opposite applies in Asia, though – sexy outfits, shit undies.

Not exactly the deepest post, I know, but thought to share the genesis of my underwear-consciousness 🙂


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