How to recycle old stuff in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a wasteful city and it makes me feel bad that I don’t segregate my rubbish and just throw absolutely everything in the bin out of pure laziness to try and minimize my waste. And the same goes for people around me – although back home expats will recycle, in HK it’s just not a way of life.

Recently I’ve been donating my clothes in very convenient drop-off boxes along the mid-level escalators (I believe they’re just up the escalator from Robinson Road by Park N Shop and then there’s another one near Conduit Road).

**UPDATE: I found another recycle collection box under IFC2, where the minibus to Mid-Levels/The Peak parks. Just go down the escalator from Citi’super/Four Seasons


Today I was collecting old CDs at the office and threw them in the bin. And then I thought again and did a little research, and found this group that advocates recycling in Hong Kong. They’re called Friends of the Earth and they collect everything from clothes, furniture, old cartridges, etc. So I fished the old CDs out and kept them for future recycling at one of these boxes:

image from Hong Kong Hustle

You can check out their recycling program website here

It’s so easy to just drop off your clothes in their big box it’s really a sin not to do it. Click here to see the drop off points.

Furniture can be donated via this website.


5 thoughts on “How to recycle old stuff in Hong Kong

  1. sone says:

    Hi I’m looking for a place to recycle old CDs. Any locations of those boxes in wan chai? Your link only does clothes, printer cartridges…


    • Yeni R says:

      Wan Chai District

      Tai Wong Street East Amenity Area, Wanchai
      Southorn Playground, Johnston Road, Wanchai
      Tung Lo Wan Garden, Junction of Gloucester Road and Clevland Street, Causeway Bay (Next to oil station)
      Wan Chai District Arts, Cultural, Recreational and Sports Association, Moreton Terrace, Face to Hong Kong Central Library, Causeway Road (Near Central Library)
      Wun Sha Street Children’s Playground (next to entrance of the Playground)
      Sing Woo Road Rest Garden, Happy Valley(near to bus terminal and tram terminal)
      Wanchai Park
      Morrison Hill Road Playground (Opposite of Morrison Hill post office and Morrison Hill swimming pool)
      Rest garden of junction of Chun Fai Road and Tai Hang Drive, Jardine’s Lookout (Opposite to Park Garden)
      Perkins Road rest garden, Jardine’s Lookout (Opposite of Perkins Road’s oil station and Perkins Road Dairy Farm shopping mall)
      Kwong Ming Street, Wan Chai (Behind the Kwong Ming Street Playground)


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