How to get a Japan Visa in Hong Kong

**Update: I got a multiple entry visa to Japan in 2015 after submitting a letter of request for a multiple entry visa. Just include this in your application and hope they approve it!

This only obviously applies to those living in Hong Kong who actually NEED a visa to visit Japan as a tourist. Mexicans don’t need it. Thais don’t need it. But Chinese and Filipino nationals do – not sure what other countries are in the same sad boat as us. I didn’t really find much info online about other people who have done this, so I thought I’d share and be helpful.

I just got my Japan visa last month for my trip this coming April 26-May 7.

What I needed to present:

  1. Visa Application Form to Enter Japan (Signed)
  2. Passport (original and copy)
  3. Hong Kong or Macau ID Card (original and copy)
  4. Valid Hong Kong or Macau residency visa (original and copy) – this is your Employment visa that you stuck to your passport
  5. One passport-size color photo taken within 6 months (45mmx45mm, front-facing, no hat, collar shirt, white background)
  6. Documents showing ability to support the travel expenses – I just printed off my 3 months’ transaction record from my online banking accounts. I showed 2 from Philippine banks and 1 from a Hong Kong bank. Remember, it has to be 3 months’ history! I had to go back to print my 3 month record because I only had 2.5 months or something stupid like that.

Thankfully, no need for employment certificate, contract, or statement from employer stating that your leave is approved (the hell I had to go through for my UK visa).

Also, no need for itinerary or sponsor! Yay!

Fee: ABSOLUTELY FREE! I don’t know if this applies to other nationalities but Filipinos in Hong Kong get their Japan visa gratis! Awesome.

Address: Japan Consular Affairs Visa Section

46th Floor One Exchange Square

Opening Hours Mon-Fri 9.15am-12.00; 13.30-16.45

22522 1184

The Results: I got a 3 month single entry visa between April and June. I was kind of hoping for multiple entry, but whatever. The simple was process enough.

Processing time: 3 days. Don’t lose your claim slip!

Hope that helped! 🙂


67 thoughts on “How to get a Japan Visa in Hong Kong

    • jgbenson66 says:

      I am standing in line at the Exchange Square 2/F lobby for Japan visa application right now (7:25 am) as I write this. For people who do not want to pay for agents fee – Make sure you print out all the pages of your bank statements and be at the building by 7am to queue up. I have to come back as I only printed the first pages of my bank statements. I wish Japan would use VSF which offers administrative services related to visa and passport processing for governments worldwide.


      • Ana says:

        Hi. Is it really necessary to go to the embassy as early as 7am? If I go there around 9:30am, I would not be entertained anymore?


      • jgbenson66 says:

        They have a qouta each day, I suspect about 200. When that is full then they give out 3pm tickets for the next day. I went there on a Wednesday at about 10am and I was lucky to have gotten the last ticket they were giving out for the next day. I went back the next day with all the required docs(I thought I did – printed out first pages of bank statements only and they’re no good, they want all pages). So I went back again on a Monday morning at about 9:30am – qouta is full and no more tickets for 3pm appoinment for next day. The guard told me to be there by 7am, I thought that was crazy. You would be queueing up for more than 2 hours. I figured Monday and Tuesday are busy days as people would rush to the embassy during first two days of the week. I listened to the guard though and went on a Wednesday very early in the morning. I got there at 7:10 and I was the 32nd in the queue at the 2nd floor lobby of Exchange Square 1. No sitting on the floor. We were then allowed to get in the elevators at about 8am and queue up again outside their office on the 46/F. I was told they will call me if they need more docs and if I don’t hear from them I go back Tuesday(after 3 office days) to hopefully pick up my visa. I finally got out the door at about 10am and the guard outside was still giving out 3pm tickets for the next day. I would recommend anybody to go on a Wednesday as I think there are fewer people going that day of the week. You’ll more likely to get a ticket for the next day if you can’t get there early enough for their qouta of the day.


      • SK says:

        Hi, How about visa collection? Does one need to queue as well to collect the visa at 1:30pm onwards? My flight to Japan is the same evening and thus I cant wait the two hours ( That I did to apply for the visa.. Please help to answer. Thanks!


      • jgbenson66 says:

        Bank account statements for the last 3 months or bank book and photocopies of your recent 3 months transactions in your bankbook.


    • Dina says:

      Im indonesian. I want to go travel in japan also. But I dont have account bank in hongkong.
      Can I use the account bank indonesia want ?


  1. adrian lucero says:

    thank you,this is so helpful,, because planning to get japan visa on October this year,,i just want to ask how much is usually the amount in your account to approve the visa?


      • Cathy says: about there will be a foriegn citizen in japan who will be my sponsor (tickets..accomodation and all exlenses during stay in japan)does it mean i need their bank statement too.?


      • scott says:

        hello yani njust want to ask if its okie even if your not macau or hongkong residence what if you dont have the num 3 but you have trhe num 4 the visa.. please need your answer thanks


      • mary ann malig on says:

        do i have a chance to get a visit visa to japan despie im terminating my contract with my employer.. i want to exit in japan base in hongkong.? please need your advice. thank you


  2. Leah says:

    Hi:) can i ask u something? How did u print out or update your remaining bank updates? You mentioned that it was 2.5 mos only.. I need to come back also next week because my bank acct is only 2 mos.. But when i went to my bank, they cannot print or update my bank book but instead a print paper with my bank acct no and the remaining month.. Im curious if you did the same thing? Do they accept that bank update printed in a paper only? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Glorie mae says:

    Hi yeni how about I don’t have #6 but my employers bring me to Japan this oct. Do I need a tourist visa or no need, ,cause we have ticket already, tnx, , for reply


    • Yeni R says:

      You need a visa to enter Japan. You can show supporting documents from your employer saying they are covering your travel expenses. You need to consult with the Japanese consulate in HK or ask your employer to handle it…


  4. Hyunae says:

    Hi yeni-im planning to visit japan this coming december just for two it ok if i rely inage cy whom i choose in processing all my docs needed?


  5. Paru says:

    Hi, do you know if the person wanting to apply for the visa have to be present there when giving documents? Or can they authorize someone else on their behalf to do so?


  6. Gen says:

    Hi yeni, what if i don’t the #6 but i will travel along with my boyfriend and he will shouldered all the expenses of our trip? Do u think they will consider it?

    Thanks yeni 🙂


    • Yeni R says:

      He will probably have to write a letter with his ID and bank statements confirming his relationship with you and that he will shoulder all the expenses on your behalf. Best check with the consulate if that works, it’s easy to get an audience with them..


  7. Ana says:

    Hi. I know you posted this two yrs ago, but do you remember if you went to the embassy very early to queue up? Thanks in advance.


  8. SK says:

    Hi, do we also have to queue up to collect the visa? Does it then make sense to go earlier to get a queue number on the collection date ? Thanks///


  9. Yani says:

    Hi Yeni,can i ask if is it necessary to present an itetinay plan,and what if i stay in my friend boarding house Not in a hotel and i shoulder all my expencess does the Japan consulate questioned me ?


  10. Grace says:

    I went there last friday and I had no luck to got apply. Security asked my to go back on monday and I’m a bit nervous because we bought our ticket already and we’re leaving on friday midnight. The security told me the visa processing took 5days to process and if I go back on Monday they will release on Friday afternoon which I will have trouble and missed my flight.
    Is it really took 5days for visa processing?
    Yani, you mentioned the processing time is 3days. Do you think i will have luck to get my visa on thursday? Please reply. Thank you
    P.S, im holding philippine passport. I can definitely provide more supporting documents.


  11. joy says:

    You mentioned you were hoping for a multiple entry, did you apply for one or just a single entry? thanks for the info Yeni! – joy


  12. Marj says:

    Hi! are they going to keep the passport for processing? because i stay in macau and i can only come to hongkong to submit the requirements. Thanks


  13. Heidi says:

    Do i really need to show philippine bank statement? I dont do online banking , just remittance record .. and one macau bank account.. hope i can still get a visa.. coz we just want to do the halloween events at universal for 3 days..


    • jgbenson66 says:

      Not necessarily Philippine bank statement. Any bank statement you have is okay. If you live in Macau then your Macau bank statements are okay. Remember, copy recent 3 months statement and originals.


  14. ahousewifewithapassport says:

    Hi, we tried applying last March and we needed to secure another document so my husband decided not to push through with the application then. He will try to apply again this week and he wants to know if after the inspection of the documents, is there still an interview or something? He only has half a day to spare (AM). We got as far as the inspection the last time and it was past noon when we left. I would like to know your experience. Thanks!


  15. Evi says:

    mbak yeni dari indonesia ?
    kalau saya liburan kejepang sendiri ta,pa majikan bisakah ? apakah persyaratan cukup seperti yang mbak tulis disini.


  16. Rochelle says:

    Hi Yeni…
    I’m a Philippine passport holder.
    Is it really need to show three bank accounts?
    Because I have only one bank accounts her in hongkong and i don’t have bank account in the Philippines.


  17. rosemarie says:

    hi…i wanted to ask something coz I have plan to get a tourist visa but I want to finish my contract here….can I exit there in japan as a tourist..please answer me…thanks


  18. Paola says:

    Hi Yeni,

    I and my boyfriend will go to Japan this end of March. I’m a Philippine passport holder and frequent travels in and out of HK cause I’m visiting my boyfriend who lives here in HK. I used to work in Macau for seven years but no longer anymore now..I still have my Macau bank account though. Can I still apply for a Japan Visa here in Hong Kong? Even though I don’t have HKID?



  19. Lhei says:

    Hi Yeni, I would like to ask if I can still apply straight to Japan Consulate in Hong Kong, rather than go to VSF for the process? And is it possible to present a Macau bank statement coz I am residing here in macau.


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