Cycling in Hong Kong: Tai Wai to Ma On Shan

Cycling in Hong Kong is a joy not very many expats or tourists seem to have discovered yet. Locals, on the other hand, absolutely love it, and not surprisingly so – especially since this particular network of cycle track is such a pleasure to do.

And easy, too.

Where to rent a bike in Tai Wai:

Tai Wai MTR from the bike rental shop

Tai Wai MTR from the bike rental shop

bicycle shops in Tai Wai are lined up on Tsuen Nam Road

bicycle shops in Tai Wai are lined up on Tsuen Nam Road

I tried searching in other websites but to no avail – they wouldn’t give information on where exactly to rent a bike. So I’m posting this in an effort to be more helpful for those who want to start cycling from Tai Wai.

  1. Take Exit A Tai Wai MTR station, cross the street, turn right, and start walking.
  2. There are bicycle rental shops all along Tsuen Nam Road.
  3. These shops will ask you to return the bike before 7pm at HK$80 for the whole day.
  4. If you’re heading the direction of Tai Mei Tuk (North of the river rather than south), I know there are some shops that allow you to deposit your bicycle at the end of the route rather than cycling all the way back (20+ km) to return it. You’ll have to ask about this.

*Update: Some helpful information from a reader:

Cyclesport is another bike rental shop at Tai Wai, with various types of bike. They open till 11pm. You also can return the bike Tai Po or Tai Mei Tuk.

we were lucky to get ahead of the queue, which seemed to have lengthened exponentially after we got in line

we were lucky to get ahead of the queue, which seemingly lengethened exponentially after we got in line

Although the more popular route is from Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk (Plover Cove), we decided to cycle to Ma On Shan that Sunday because we hadn’t done it yet. The Ma On Shan path is less busy, and more of just a peaceful ride as opposed to cycling on the other side of the river/harbour, where you will pass the race course, Science Park, university, market, etc.

at Tai Mei Tuk/Plover cove last year

All along the waterfronts (both sides of the river and harbour) are cycle tracks as well as promenades and jogging paths. In the future, these tracks will link  all the way around north to Fan Ling and Sheung Shui, circling west and back around to Tsuen Wan, forming a New Territories Cycle Track Network. Exciting stuff.

Here’s the route we took (9.2km):


Cycling in Hong Kong : Tai Wai MTR to Ma On Shan

We began cycling along the Shing Mun River, passing the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (haven’t checked this out yet, need to see their Bruce Lee exhibition). There are parks all around this area, a great dose of urban greenery. The path then opens up into Tolo Harbour, giving one such an expanse of horizon to behold it feels like being let out of a cage.

Things we saw and did along the way:


a ‘floating’ restaurant


the Ma On Shan promenade


taking a break at the Ma On Shan Promenade viewing deck


the whole cycle group: Felipe (Colombia), Keri (HK), Manuel (Colombia), me (PH), James (UK), Emanuelle and Hugo (France), Martin (HK)


crossing the bridge so we could cycle on the other side to change up the route on the way back to Tai Wai


James and I


Emmanuelle and Hugo

IMG_2693 IMG_2696


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