The best eyelash perm in Hong Kong: Spa BPZ


  • [2018]: I went back to Spa BPZ to re-try the treatment / procedure.
  • [2017]: At the bottom I’ve added a couple of other (cheaper) places that I’ve tried and tested.

[2014] I’ll keep this short and sweet – I learned about this place when I bought a [now-defunct] Twangoo deal/voucher. I’ve been perming my eyelashes for 5-7 years now, because as an Asian person, my eyelashes are angled downwards, making me look squinty and tired. With permed eyelashes, my eyes pop open (I can’t think of a less cheesy way to describe it). Here’s an illustration of what I mean:

Why do I prefer perming as opposed to extensions?

  1. It’s less heavy on the eyelids.
  2. I like to swim and do water activities, which negatively effect the longevity of extensions.
  3. Eyelash extensions feel like something is poking my eye 24/7.
  4. Extensions come off sporadically, not all at the same time. So you can have half your eyes with long curly lashes and then the other half bald-looking. Very attractive.
  5. Extensions are glued to your lashes, so when they fall out, so do your real lashes.

See the difference:


a simple eyelash perm (Asian)


eyelash Extensions

Pros of Eyelash perming:

  1. Manually curling your eyelashes every single day can be bad for your eyelashes (they can get pulled out by the curler) – plus it’s time consuming and ineffective…
  2. Even if you curl your eyelashes, humidity makes them go back to their original downward-angle.
  3. Manually curling is not waterproof.

Cons of Eyelash perming:

  1. Harsh chemicals make your eyelashes fall out or damage the skin around your eye. Or god forbid, your actual eye. I’ve made the mistake of doing this before.
  2. In other places, you can’t re-perm your eyelashes within three months because the chemicals cause your eyelashes to burn.

Thankfully, Spa BPZ only uses vegetable perm just for the lashes (as opposed to scalp hair perm), which isn’t harsh on the skin or eyes. That means you can perm as much as you want without any bad side effects! Normally your eyes get swollen after perming but when I did it at Spa BPZ they were in perfect condition.

So here are the results of my one successful try in HK:

results : no eyelash curler used, just mascara

week 1 results : no eyelash curler used, just mascara

results (as seen from the side) : no eyelash curler used, just mascara

week 1 results (as seen from the side) : no eyelash curler used, just mascara

And finally, here are the details:

Name: Spa Beaute Par Zai [Canada – Hong Kong]

Location: 12/F Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central

Contact: / 2524 1272 / 2522 5945 / 9364 5271 / /

Price: HK$500 (but I got a 50% off voucher)



  • The location is great, right by the Central MTR station on Wyndham Street (beside Christian Loubotin)
  • It seems a little shady when you step in (the spa is old, apparently since 1975), but the service is polished, obviously for high-end customers
  • It takes around an hour to perm your eyelashes (your eyes have to stay closed the whole time, but I put a really good playlist on to keep me company)
  • What more can I say? The eyelash perm was really effective!

Happy eye-opening – literally!


The comfy treatment room at Spa BPZ. They even have a cozy electric blanket during winter to make sure you’re super comfy during the one hour of

[Update] Other Salons in HK (Central) that offer Eyelash Perming at cheaper prices

Nail & Beauty

Li Yuen Street East, Central, No. 5, Hong Kong
Tel: 3119-4649

Price: HK$220

Very convenient spot right by the MTR. However, I didn’t like it because it wasn’t ‘curled’ enough although my therapist sold it to me as a ‘natural’ look. It didn’t last very long and it wasn’t cheap either.

Oriental Spa

1/F Wellington Plaza, 56-58 Wellington Street, Central

Tel: 2898-9696

Price: HK$180 for the first time, I think

They don’t speak English that well but you’ll have to try your best to explain clearly. I’m on my first week post-perming with them and so far I love the results! My eyelashes look longer and stay curled, no need to supplement with an eyelash curler.


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