Getting Fit in Hong Kong: A Review of Yoga Studios and Gyms on Hong Kong Island

*2017 update: Over the last year I’ve been using GuavaPass and KFIT  – websites/apps that give you access to several gyms and studios in the city. They operate on monthly or per class subscriptions, which really take the burden off annual memberships. I thought KFIT is especially flexible and offers the best value for money. GuavaPass is more expensive and has a stricter cancellation policy, making it overall less user friendly. 

New Year Resolutions always take the path of health and career – at least, that’s how it is for me. For the last two years.


trying to do partner yoga with James in Tai Long Wan

Last year I made a promise to do yoga 5 times a week, and proceeded to join a yoga studio in February (with a 1 year membership). I did not end up doing yoga 5 times a week, but I did get myself on the path to fitness (of which the incline was very very gradual). I guess that’s a good a start as any, considering I was doing almost no physical activity at all prior to that, and had the strength and stamina of about nil (my maximum distance on a treadmill was 1.6km – with several walking breaks).


my sister (left) has lost a lot of weight and gotten so toned thanks to hot yoga. I think she’s been doing it regularly for over a year now.

It’s now or never. If you’re not fit in your mid-20s then when will you ever be?! The idea has bolstered my determination to get into a healthy and active life. To not be out of breath when walking up 10 flights of stairs. To not be limited when I travel because I get tired easily. So here’s my report on the HK fitness scene after going ‘gym shopping’ for the past couple of months.

1. mYoga

Locations: Causeway Bay and Mongkok

Monthly Rate: HK$500 upward (depends if you pay upfront for the whole year, by installment, etc.)


  • Local patron dominated
  • Pro: wider variety of classes as opposed to Pure Yoga and Yoga Room – they have ballet, Bollywood, aerobics, body combat, etc.
  • Con: Too many people now, hard to get booked into a class
  • Con: Locations. They’re way too busy, stressful to get to. (Causeway Bay and Mongkok)
  • Gym-like feel (they have a spinning room), mostly women members
  • Pro: Good facilities, everything is new
  • Pro: I don’t know if they still have this, but their shampoo and conditioner are all Vidal Sassoon
  • Con: You need to bring your own padlock


2. XYZ Studio – clubbing/exercise fusion experience

Location: 18 QUEEN’S ROAD CENTRAL, Central

Rate: Click here  – pretty steep, around HK$200-350 for every 50 minute session




free spinning shoes are lent to you (XYZ INDOOR CYCLING STUDIO)




  • really great location, right in the heart of Central (across The Landmark)
  • great facilities. They have towels, lockers with keys, deodorant spray, everything
  • the whole place smells really good
  • really fun, cool instructors – and they’re all really fit, so you get inspired. Rachel is amazing
  • Club-like/party feel – I met racing driver Dan Wells who wasn’t allowed to drink/party too hard because of his job, and he said XYZ was his way of making up for it. He told me he goes 5/6 times a week (!)
  • A really easy and effective way to get your cardio done; time flies and the instructors really motivate you and put you in the mood to work out
  • It’s difficult when you get started (at least for me it was) but after the first 15-25 minutes you get into the groove
  • The only con: expensive!


3. PURE Fitness

Locations: Cemtral, Admiralty, everywhere

Monthly Rate: HK1,200 a month more or less, depending on your package of choice


  • Good facilities, great locations
  • You can come and not bring any clothes because they have everything for you – socks, shirts, shorts, towels…
  • Too much people-watching
  • Great mix of classes including dance, yoga, body pump or whatever aerobic/weights stuff you can think of
  • Expensive. I think they just raised the fees to around HK$1,200-1,400 a month


4. PURE Yoga

Locations: All over Central and everywhere again

Monthly Rate: HK$800 (5 classes a month) – HK$1,200


  • Great facilities, especially at their new branch in Asia Standard Tower
  • Crowded. And they keep signing up new people, so will get even more crowded
  • As some people have said, there’s a factory/assembly line/clinical feel to it. Not really meditation/practice-oriented yoga. More like gym-workout-yoga
  • Commercialized as hell, just like everything else in HK


5. Yoga Room

Locations: Sheung Wan

Monthly Rate: HK$700-1,000 a month, depending on your package. Again, it’s cheaper to pay upfront for a year.


  • More intimate feel compared to Pure
  • Facilities aren’t fantastic – no showers – but other than that it’s still a high quality boutique type studio
  • I thought the candlelight class was cool and unique, but I felt really cold and didn’t feel like I was ‘working out’ enough. But I guess that wasn’t the point.


So that’s it for my initial roundup. I haven’t decided which one to choose yet, I still don’t know if any are really worth it. Would love to hear your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Getting Fit in Hong Kong: A Review of Yoga Studios and Gyms on Hong Kong Island

  1. Fitboo says:

    Great ideas for some studios to start with. HK has some awesome fitness boutiques now including H Kore, Torq, Studio Fitness, Aerial Arts Academy etc with tons of varied classes. If you don’t want to join just one studio or gym you can check out fitboo. It’s a new services that allows Hong Kongers’ to buy one pack of fitness class credits and use them at any of over 300 weekly classes listed on their site from 20+ of the best fitness boutiques in HK. Flex is also about to open a new studio in Central with tons of classes, you should check that out in August!


  2. Ringo says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I have been a member of Pure for almost 2 years and I must say it is arguably the best gym in HK even though it has experienced tremendous increase in its membership base in recent years.

    Since I had discontinued the personal training services over 5 months ago, my previous trainer has desmonstrated very ill manners every time we ran into each other at the gym. I sympathize he might be disappointed with my service termination, but isn’t it immature and unprofessional to avoid eye contact, exhibit an impolite facial expression and refuse any greetings? It might have been a rare incident if the trainer only did that once or twice. But what about at my every single visit for 5 months?

    Management isn’t sincere nor effective in following up with customer complaints either. I did not receive a proper feedback after 8 days I made the complaint. Their management would ignore your emails till you repeatedly tell them you’re dissatisfied. And guess what, after lengthy discussions, they still insisted it is all about expectation management but not a single wrong-doing of their staffs.

    If you want to work out in HK, look around the other fitness centers. Never choose Pure.


    • Yeni R says:

      Sorry to hear that Ringo. That sounds like horrible customer service to me. At least when I messaged PURE Yoga they responded immediately with an explanation. Unfortunately though, no matter how bad their service is people will still enroll in PURE out of sheer convenience…


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