BBQ at Sapori Di Maggio’s Farm in Kam Tin

Last Sunday, my friend Margaux (we go wayyy back: think folk dancing club and bus rides home when I was 9 years old) invited us to a BBQ at a farm in Yuen Long, organised by her uncle, a Filipino banker at Citi. The farm was owned by one of his friends, the Italian chef Sapori Di Maggio. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything there was to see in Hong Kong, the place continues to surprise you:


At the BBQ, where all food served was organic and fresh!


Our view as we made our way through the path to the farm

The farm is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Kam Sheung Road MTR Station, on the West Rail line (towards Tuen Mun). On the way to the farm we passed a lot of other similar setups where plots of land were dedicated to vegetable gardens. The place was so rural and beautiful, surrounded by mountains including the tallest in Hong Kong – Tai Mo Shan.


Our invitation, complete with the menu

The winning menu items for me were:

  1. Moroccan cous cous with sultanes and prawns – I had two whole platefuls of this. It’s not often I get good cous cous in Hong Kong!
  2. Purple potato and crab salad with whole grain mustard dressing – the shredded crab was to die for
  3. Home-made spicy Italian sausage – not that spicy, but full of flavour

I’m not an oyster fan, but the baked oysters with cheese looked incredible. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on the Portuguese style peri peri prawn because by the time it arrived I was too stuffed full of cous cous. Margaux told me it was extremely creamy!


adorable kids playing, a sandbox

The chef, the quiet but good-natured Sapori Di Maggio hailing from the south of Italy, manages the farm with his local wife. They seem like a very grounded and happy couple; he even told us  “I don’t want to be famous, I just want to cook!”


cherry tomatoes from the branch to my mouth. they were yummy!


lettuce, broccoli, and other vegetables


strawberries in a greenhouse

Follow Sapori di Maggio on Facebook to be updated on events at the farm, or if you’d like to book him for an occasion (click here)

Chef Di Maggio 2nd to the left

with Chef Di Maggio (second to the left)


Hugo, me, James, Margaux

Exact directions to the place from Central:

1. Go to IFC and take Tung Chung line (orange) to Tung Chung.

2. Get down at Nam Cheong stop (3rd stop from Hong Kong Station).

3. Transfer to West Rail line (purple)  and take train heading to Tuen Mun.

4. Get down at Kam Sheung Road stop (3rd stop from Nam Cheong Station)

5. Take Exit A

6. Once you exit station, you will be facing a car park.

7. Cross the car park all the way till you get to other side on the pedestrian walk at the end.

8. Turn right on the pedestrian walk and walk 10 meters till you notice a tunnel underpass on your left.

9. Take the underpass and continue walking through.

10. Right after the underpass, you will reach a fork with mailboxes. Take the left path.

11. You will then take a 10 minute walk through  various organic farms mostly on your left.  (our venue is actually on the right)

12. You have arrived when  you see a big clearing with the farm set-up on the right



5 thoughts on “BBQ at Sapori Di Maggio’s Farm in Kam Tin

      • manila says:

        well I went there and had a look today, the farm seems to just stop at the foot of where 2 small mountains meet at their lowest point. Shame cant hike over them to Yuen Long town on the opposite side. Is Chef Di Maggio’s famr the one right at the end and does he sell farm produce? I actually live quite nearby.


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