Night Walking: Aberdeen Fitness and Nature Trails

Distance: 6km

Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy


The Aberdeen Fitness and Nature Trails are great for night walking because they’re not too arduous, are mostly paved and signposted, and have amazing views (especially on the Aberdeen Nature Trail around Bennet’s Hill). The best part of this walk is circling the edge of the hill after the viewing point.


Great spot for star-gazing and city-gazing, at the same time. We even saw the great egg-shaped blue aquarium of Ocean Park lit up at night.


Start: The entrance of Aberdeen Country Park on Aberdeen Reservoir Road. We cabbed it from Central, but you can take minibus 4C from Sogo in Causeway Bay.

I don’t suggest you follow the path we took, though. It was all going well up until we made the mistake of getting on Lady Clementi’s Ride and walking 2.4km in the dark, following a drain pipe for what seemed like forever, seeing nothing but an open sewage system that kept on the same level path that went on, and on, and on.


Instead, after following the signs towards Lady Clementi’s Ride up until the Viewing Point, circle back towards the reservoir and find another way out of the country park.


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