Easy to Medium Night Hike: Hong Kong University to Victoria Peak via Pok Fu Lam

**UPDATE (March 11, 2015): I discovered a “new”, easy route to The Peak from Central/Admiralty via the Central Green Trail

Distance: 5km

Time: Around 1.5-2 hours

you pass by an amazing viewing point via this route

you pass by an amazing viewing point via this route

There are many ways to hike to Victoria Peak, and the paths vary in length, steepness, roughness, popularity, etc. This has to be my favourite way to get up to the Peak, though, because:

  1. Less people, hike is not crowded
  2. Not just a paved lit path all the way – you walk through a more diverse terrain
  3. A great lookout point from which you can view the sea from the south of Hong Kong Island as well as Victoria Harbour to the North, and Kowloon across

*Update (31 Mar 2014): The Pinewood Battery route is my new favourite path since you go through old war relics. Starting point is the same, you just have to follow the signs to the Peak via Pinewood Battery

the most popular route to The Peak

probably the most popular route to The Peak


view of the west: bridge to Lantau

Don’t forget your torches! We just used the light from our iPhones, but make sure you’re fully charged. 😉

  1. START: At the Intersection of Kotewall Road and Conduit Road. Head up Kotewall Road towards the start of the hike by the Kotewall Road Public Toilet.
  2. How to get there: (1) Go up the escalators all the way to Conduit Road, and then turn right. Keep walking until you reach the intersection of Kotewall and Conduit. 1.4km; 10-15 min. (2) Take Bus 13 from any of the following points, towards the Kotewall terminus: Central (City Hall), HSBC Main Building, Queen’s Road Central, Lan Kwai Fong, D’Aguilar Street (in front of Sasa), Lyndhurst Terrace, Old Central Police Station Hollywood Road, The Centrium Arbuthnot Road, Caritas Centre Caine Road, Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum Caine Road
  3. If you’re coming from Central/Mid-Levels and would rather take a faster walking route to The Peak (or if you don’t want to start from the western district) you can walk up Old Peak Road that intersects with Robinson Road above the Hong Kong Zoological And Botanical Gardens.

    this is a much steeper walk, paved all the way up to the Peak Galleria

    this is a much steeper walk, paved all the way up to the Peak Galleria

  4. Hike for 10 minutes up the Morning Trail westwards, uphill
  5. On your first intersection, turn right then left towards the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. Signage is clear, you can’t miss it
  6. Walk 1.83km south. This edges around the west of the mountain/slope.Really good views of the west of Hong Kong Island. ImageImage
  7. Intersection again. One goes on to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir – you can do this if you want to extend your hike. We decided to go straight uphill towards the peak. Image

    my hiking buddies. See, I took photos this time! I’m so proud.


    James was trying to figure out what was making the rustling sound in the undergrowth

  8. A really steep climb up to a viewing point :ImageImageImageImage
  9. Proceeded onto the Harlech Road Fitness Trail, where you can do press ups/chin ups at this little public ‘gym’: Image
  10. Walk a little more, and voila! You’re at the Peak! Congratulations!

We decided to try “The Peak Lookout Cafe” for the first time



Absolutely beautiful restaurant, with indoor and outdoor dining areas, fantastic views, and great atmosphere. Food was really good too – Hugo got a burger (around HK$150), I got pan-fried foie gras with apple chutney and brioche toast (HK$188) and James got a salad.

Happy night trekking!


10 thoughts on “Easy to Medium Night Hike: Hong Kong University to Victoria Peak via Pok Fu Lam

  1. Jordan says:

    Hello Julienne ! I stumbled across your blog while looking for a way to hike up the Peak. To put my question into a little context – I have a full day layover in HK ( about 10 hrs in the city itself) and after an 11hr flight would love to not only see the sights but also get some movement into my visits. Thus you blog posts on the hike up to the peak really interest me but I just saw that your two articles are noted as Night Hikes – would they be possible to do during the morning as well? If so, is there one you would recommend particularly for someone’s first visit to HK?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Yeni R says:

      Hi Jordan, of course you can do them in the day time! I would recommend the hike starting at Kotewall / Conduit Road up Lung Fu Shan Country Park / Pinewood Battery / Pok Fu Lam through to the Peak. You can search “Morning Trail” as well on Google Maps to see the start. Have fun!


  2. Adam Borcherding says:

    I just remembered that I owed you a comment on your blog. I found this blog super informative and helpful on my walk about in October. I travel to Shenzhen via HKG quite often and usually try to have the day before my flight home to California free to wander the city. I pretty much followed your HK University to the Peak on the way up and the Central Greenway trail on the way down. Thanks so much for the great blog!


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