Marco Polo German Bierfest 2013

I’m already on my third year in Hong Kong, and yet last month was my first time to attend the German Bierfest at the Marco Polo Hotel. Apparently it’s been running for 22 years now, and has become part of local/expat tradition. I wasn’t really expecting much of it, so I was really surprised at how good it was when I arrived for the opening party last October 25.


I had expected the event to be held at one of the hotel’s ballrooms, but it wasn’t. We followed the arrows up the hotel lobby and out into the open-air parking lot on top of Harbour City/Ocean Terminal. We then crossed the parking lot towards the music and found large tents set up on the other side, under the stars with a fantastic ‘360’ view of the harbour – you could see both IFC and ICC from the festival.


check out the view behind James

Upon registering for my media passes, James and I were given a Bavarian heart and more goodies (keychain, sticker, etc.)


Oktoberfestherzen (Gingerbread Cookie Hearts) – Octoberfest hearts, are one of the most popular traditions amongst all age groups at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Both to give and receive. (


of course I ate it!

We then queued up for the food, which was seriously amazing. I got the baked salmon (it was mouth watering) with what looked like pea slop (it was soooo good no matter what it looked like) while James got two servings of a beef strew/casserole (the name escapes me now) and an apple strudel.


Apfelstrudel goodness.

I wanted to attack the Movenpick booth but the queue was way too long I was discouraged. We had jagerbombs instead.



A lot of people were gamely dressed up in Bavarian costume. We are definitely going in dirndl and lederhosen next year.

It was really fun how the whole event was supported by Germans and German companies in Hong Kong (there was a Lufthansa table, a Commerzbank table, a Lowenbrau table, etc.)… it really contributed to the overall atmosphere, it made it more…. German. ha. The raucous band (Die Notenhobler from Ulm, Germany) – with their horn-playing games, Bavarian music, and interactive dances – also completed the whole festival.

It’s too late to go this year (the bierfest concluded last weekend), but if you’re in Hong Kong next year, you should definitely go. It was good fun!

More details here:



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