Manor Mayhem: Hong Kong Halloween Preview

This year was the first time I celebrated Halloween in Hong Kong despite having lived here for over two years. Last year, I was only able to catch a glimpse of the scary LKF crowds in what seemed like an exodus of epic proportions from the Central MTR all the way up to Lan Kwai Fong. I refused to get caught up in that stampede, so I decided to tram it to Wan Chai.

**A word of advice to any Halloween revelers for next year: if you want to get to the party district, take it from SoHo and head down, don’t head up from Central. That’s what we did this year, and we had no problem with the crowds/queues.**

Last last week, an invite was being passed around for a huge house party at a mansion halfway towards the Peak – I remembered randomly attending its housewarming earlier this year, and will never forget it as the biggest, most impressive house I’ve seen in Hong Kong. From the taxi drop off, you have to walk up a path in the ‘forest’ for around 10 minutes – a twisting, narrow road. Nothing could be better for Halloween, I thought.


sure enough, they had scares awaiting guests coming up the way

So I began to put together my costume. Of the great ideas I had, it came to a toss up between tribal witch doctor and queen of the damned from Anne Rice’s novels – played by Aaliyah in the film adaptation.


Aaliyah as Queen of the Damned. RIP.

I had bought grey contacts at Causeway Bay (Laforet, HKD180) but when I tried them on, they didn’t look wild enough.


they were “cute”, not scary.

So I shelled out HKD160 more in order to get the effect I really wanted.

contacts purchased at the Halloween costume street market intersecting Wellington Street and Lyndhurst in Central

contacts purchased at the Halloween costume street market intersecting Wellington Street and Lyndhurst in Central

It was crucial to look freaky and scare people.

[I got my costume at this shop on 24 Li Yuen Street West, Central. Approx HKD250, including the necklace, bra, and tasseled belt. The bangles/armplates were from Forever 21 in Causeway Bay.]


at the rooftop


my eyes were really hurting at the beginning, but I was able to adjust eventually. I could barely see anything all night, though.

Sure enough, that party was a blast. They even had a grill-out on the terrace rooftop on the 4th floor, with a fantastic view of the Central and Admiralty skyscrapers. I regret not being able to try the burgers on offer, but at that point it was stuffed from a late dinner at one of my favorite spots to dine in HK – Heirloom on Hollywood Road.


with a Canadian acrobat, a French (Mexican) maid, and a local piratess


. with Aurora

This party was hard to beat – nothing seemed as Hallow-fun afterwards anymore! Went out again Wednesday and Thursday night (proper Halloween – Oct 31) but it wasn’t the same, and then was dead by Friday. My Thursday night costume was a confused attempt to be scary – was I a vampire? A demon? A harlequin (I just copied my sister’s make up which she sent me over Whatsapp)? Nobody knows, not even me.


I don’t want to bore you with the details (sorry, no craziness this time, just lots of slutty girls all around… that probably includes me. But I’d like to think I’m fierce so I’m above that.) …and that’s it for my short and sweet Hong Kong Halloween adventures v.2013. The funnest Halloween I’ve had since 2006 (my freshman year at college, back when I didn’t realize 4-5 shots of tequila would end up with me vomiting nonstop ’till 6am in my sister’s bathroom… [“I had food poisoning”]).


PS. I can’t think of my favourite costume this year!! Probably that group of dead Chinese soldiers coming up LKF – they were properly freaky. Dead eyes, mangled teeth, festering battle wounds, all that. I have to find that photo somewhere…

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