Hong Kong Adventures: Long Ke Wan in Sai Kung


Last Sunday, my sister and I decided to journey to the far reaches of Hong Kong in search of powdery sands and blue water. Our beach of choice was narrowed down to Long Ke Wan in Sai Kung. It was definitely a wonder to behold, especially after coming from Shek O (Hong Kong southside) the day before. With almost-white sands, Long Ke Wan was impressive, but the water quality still wasn’t great… Tai Long Wan might still be the best beach Hong Kong has to offer.

We took the long way to get there, so rather than repeating what exactly we did, which was wrong, here’s a 13-point agenda combined with my advice on how to get there instead:

  1. Get the minibus from Choi Hung or Hang Hau to Sai Kung Town and then take a green cab from there. Do not take the red taxi because those are city cabs who aren’t familiar with the New Territories. Our cab driver was nice enough but seriously didn’t know where he was going. Also, the green cabs are cheaper.
  2. Minibus route 1A from Choi Hung (MTR) Station (The most popular method)
    Minibus route 101M from Hang Hau (MTR) Station (Quickest way from Hong Kong Island)
  3. Get dropped off at the East Dam. IMPORTANT: Get your cab driver’s number so he can pick you up later on. It was a bonafide nightmare trying to get back to civilization from East Dam, it was literally a taxi war – people were getting desperate and ruthless.
  4. East Dam: Verryyy beautiful. Part of the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, with picturesque geological formations. The Geopark is part of the UNESCO Geopark network!
  5. From East Dam, you can start on your half-hour hike down to the beach. There were a lot of junks/boats parked on the beach (around 7) when we went. This is an alternate way of getting to Long Ke Wan (or hire a private boat from Sai Kung Pier)
  6. At the beach: No food. No water. So stock up before you go, seriously! Also, there’s a drug rehab centre there, but we couldn’t find a way in and beg them for food.
  7. We were starving to death. We could have begged the boats to take us back to the pier with them but that was embarrassing, so we decided to
  8. Hike back up to the East Dam. This time, it was uphill and we were running on empty so it was extra painful.
  9. Waited around an hour for a cab to come (no cab would come, and/or there were loads of people equally determined and impatient for taxis hailing ones before we were)
  10. Took a cab to Sai Kung Town and gorged on seafood at the Seafood Street.
  11. Walked around and found a dessert place called ‘Princess’ and had some lovely mango and strawberry pudding there. Seriously, this place is good!
  12. Took a minibus back to Choi Hung MTR (again, the taxi queue was chaos, would’ve been at least an hour before you got a cab)
  13. Took the MTR home to Sheung Wan

Long Ke Wan


  • beautiful
  • sparsely populated
  • wide stretch of powdery sand


  • no food or water
  • no amenities
  • in the middle of nowhere (no easy way out)


Right, so I realize I have to start taking more photos of the actual place and the trek next time, but for now these will have to do!

Until the next adventure


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