Hong Kong Adventures: Big Wave Bay Scenic Walk


A couple of months back, on a nebulous afternoon (will it rain or will it not rain?), Joyce and I went on a last minute trip to Big Wave Bay in Shek O.


because I’m lazy to explain in words where exactly it is. Basically it’s on the southeastern side of Hong Kong Island.

Shek O is the more popular beach because there are more establishments, transportation options, full-service BBQ areas, etc., while Big Wave Bay is more popular with surfers during the surfing season (you can rent a board here – I can’t remember but it’s around 100-200 a day?). But that’s not to say it doesn’t get crowded, especially in summer. I did come right before summer began though (around April) and it was nearly empty. And reasonably so, it was pretty chilly, especially for a tropical person like me!

Anyway, since sunbathing isn’t our thing anyway, we decided to explore the eastern side of the beach, where we found a path that kept going up, up, and up…


I initially thought this was the end of Dragon’s Back Trail, but apparently it’s some nameless uphill path that intersects with the Pottinger Peak Country Trail, which I believe then intersects with Dragon’s Back / Hong Kong Trail Section 8. You can check Google Maps to see what I mean. (Later research has revealed that this is one option of ending Dragon’s Back Trail…)


at the start of the path

See that “Stone Graving” thing on the map? We stumbled upon a rocky outcropping that looked like this:



she is obsessed with yoga

And then we tried to venture further up, and took a break at a viewing pavilion:


Alas, we didn’t make it to the top because I was just not fit enough nor prepared for a hike of any sort that day, so we told ourselves we’d leave it for another day… It wasn’t exactly the most action packed of adventures, but I thought I’d share it anyway since we thought it was a cool discovery! If you find yourself bored on the beach, like I usually do when everyone’s sunbathing (I don’t enjoy lying in the sun for prolonged periods of time and I don’t need to sunbathe anyway, I get darker after literally 5 minutes under the sun), you can explore this path. Or bring a ball and kick it around on the beach with Spanish people, which I find diverting.



How to get to Big Wave Bay: Take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan and then the red minibus to Big Wave Bay (Tai Long Wan in Cantonese). Or Bus 9, but I haven’t done this. I think it’s Exit A3 😉

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