The Working Lunch Series: Segafredo Zanetti Espresso (CLOSED)

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso in Sheung Wan is probably not up there on your list of favorite lunch destinations. The selection is small, the dining room is cramped, and it is not the most convenient place to go to lunch is you are working in central. Despite it’s shortfalls, however, I find myself going back there time and time again. With possibly one of the most charming and attentive teams of waiters in Hong Kong and an atmosphere of friendly relaxed Mediterranean-style living just off the chaotic Wing Lok street, it more than compensates for everything else. Not to mention it’s great for a quick casual lunch.
Every time I have been there I have always been greeted with a friendly smile and free table. I am not sure if I’m just lucky or if they are waiting for me to walk through the door, in any case I have never had to wait despite the otherwise busy lunch hour (you have to queue in other places and get rammed into a cramped table full of strangers…)

As I mentioned the selection of food is limited; however, what they do, they do well. There are always three of four main dishes on the lunch set followed by a slightly more extensive selection of salads to choose from. As a starter for today’s lunch I began with the beetroot salad. Simple, fresh, and delicious, it was nicely tossed together with a light vinaigrette. Although the portion was not as generous as it could have been for 42HKD a portion, it was filling and enjoyable. Well presented by a smiling waiter who, regardless of what you are eating, always enthusiastically offers the pepper grinder.

Following my delicious salad starter I had a very thinly crusted four cheese pizza. Perfect. Although I know that they don’t make the crusts on sight they’re still of a reasonable quality. Crisp and generously topped with good quality cheeses, it was delectable. I couldn’t really decipher all of the cheeses that they had used. Certainty parmesan, a mozzarella, and an aged hard sheep cheese of some variety were undoubtedly present.     

J, who remembered to take pictures, had the duck breast salad to start with:


Duck Breast Salad

…which she seemed to like. Her main was the Pan-fried Sea Bream in Balsamico:


Pan-fried Sea Bream in Balsamico

This was alright, but apparently the last similar dish she had ordered here (pan-fried fish with tomato-based sauce and mashed potatoes) was so much better than this balsamico one.

As for desserts, we had the tiramisu and banana walnut muffin. The tiramisu was good (better than most in HK), on the creamy side, and needed a bit more sugar (according to J, who has an obscenely sweet tooth). The muffin was good, but maybe not so good they’re worth the calories… ha!

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

71-77 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan,Sheung Wan

Click here for their Menus (they have a weekend brunch menu, too!)


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