The Working Lunch Series: Noble Spice (Central)


Please let me know if you ever find a buffet that allows you to take home a doggy bag…. >_>

Very kindly I was invited out for a buffet lunch by a dear friend to celebrate my new job today. It was a groupon deal, which I must admit I am always a bit skeptical about, and this time I don’t think I was far wrong. I had never eaten there, nor have I even heard of it and for good reason. Finding the place was no less than troublesome. As you may know Cochrane street and Gage street are a shambles at the best of times but with the heavy downpours and the rushing crowds it was difficult to even find the door.

Delicious crispy fluffy naan bread

Eventually we found the entrance up a few steps, down a hall, up a lift and you’re almost there. The dining room itself is very jaded looking – prints and textiles prevail which make the gaumless staff look as though they have all just been given their marching orders. Unable to find our booking and reluctant to search for it seemed as though we would have to go elsewhere until finally the realized their error.

beige drudge

beige drudge

Eventually we were seated at a table in the middle of the already cramped dining room and told us to help ourselves. As you might imagine with a Groupon deal lunch buffet it was a couple of dishes short of a feast. The selection was limited to about 9 dishes including mediocre vegetables and rice. As I cast my eye over the table each dish seemed less appealing than the next.

Although I do not claim to be a connoisseur of Nepalese food I do know what freshly prepared spices taste like in comparison to the pre-ground variety and I am afraid to say nearly everything was prepared from the latter. The only dish that I can say was nicely prepared was the pilau rice. Along with the buffet we also had some freshly baked naan breads which were deliciously crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and not dripping in gee.


Finally we also ordered our complimentary drinks: I choose a mango lassi and my friend choose a banana one. Both were freshly prepared and delicious to end on a good note.     


Noble Spice
7/F, Cheung Hing Comm Bldg. 37-43 Cochrane Street, Central

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